Many Moons | Tarotscopes for the July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Image by Sarah Gottesdiener

Tarotscopes for the July Lunar Eclipse

Following are pulls and interpretations for energies around this July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  These are meant to be used for inspiration and support. You may read one, a few, or all, depending on how you are feeling.

Take what you like and can use, leave the rest.


Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Aries, there are new opportunities for you to create magic, to uncover abundance in a garden you’ve already been tending to for some time. Recently, you may have been feeling the urge to go elsewhere. Burn it all down, leave your work, leave that which you have been working towards for so long. Resist those urges to fly away from everything you’ve built. Ace of Pentacles reversed suggests that the breakthrough lies in what you already have. Be patient and dig deeper. See things in different ways. Reframe. Reconnect with why you do what you do. What are you overlooking in your garden due to impatience? Have a few sparkling seeds been buried under someone else’s dirt? Clear the clutter away. One or two small shifts or tweaks could make all the difference in how you feel about your work, your worth, and your magic.


Page of Cups

Dear Taurus, your heart feels like a beautiful pond. One filled with turtles, with dragonflies, water lilies, with glints of sunlight dancing across your surface. In a very small area lies so much intrigue, there are whole worlds to get lost in. At this Full Moon Eclipse, allow yourself to experience loving yourself and accepting yourself in very simple and profound ways. There is a suggestion around listening, around flowing, and allowing more flexibility into your life at this Full Moon. Submerge yourself in love and in beauty—reminding yourself the whole time that this is who you are, always.


3 of Pentacles

Sparkling Gem, it is your time to be on stage. It is your time to “put yourself out there”, and let others see you. That is, not the performance you, the one who tries so hard to make everyone around you feel entertained and at ease. I mean, the you that is a hard worker, the you that has serious ideas and visions, and the you that is ready to commit to longer and larger projects. There is a suggestion at this time that some real concrete strides in career and ambition can be made with others. Are you allowing the fact that you need others, and you need to need others, into your consciousness? Are you letting yourself be more vulnerable, both to your desires, and to a larger public? This is a Full Moon with a lot of manifesting potential for you, especially with regards to your work being out in the world, work that inherently serves the collective. Work that helps others, and that will be long-term. Sometimes the hardest part for you is to land on exactly what you want. To step into how you need to show up for yourself and for others. Take the time at this Full Moon to really commit to your own dreams on a tangible level. It could really pay off in the next 3-6 months.


Knight of Swords

Cancer, think of yourself as a beach. Sometimes, when the beach isn’t private or protected, when someone forgot to close the gate, lots of trash washes up on the shore. Your energy as of late might have felt scattered, your mental arena might have been a bit foggy due to influences outside of you. Clearing your energy and mentally resetting is very favored at this Full Moon. The trash on your beach might also be convenient distractions, stopping you from moving ahead into what you really want to say, who you really wish to be, what you really ought to be sharing. Use the energy of the Knight of Swords at this time to cut through the fog, move through distractions, and forge ahead in your truth. You’ve got many clear messages inside of you guiding you. Listen to them. You’ve got many clear messages that others need to hear, on a collective level. Tune into your truths, and remember that your words are spells as you go forward with focus. Even if it is just you talking to yourself for now, in time, these messages you have will help others as well.


Ace of Cups

Lovely Leo, there are reverberations of love all around you. It is your season, after all. The Ace of Cups is asking you to be more gentle with definitions of self-love. Love shows up in the pleases and thank yous. There is an ask to let go of any distrust you might have around love. Around only being worthy of being loved in certain times. Love as reward, or expectation, could have been affecting your own expectations of how you show up. This Full Moon, can you let any of this distrust go, and accept that people wish to love you, to hold you, and accept you just as you are? Love can show up in the quiet moments. Love can regenerate inside of you with each breath. Look for the love and you will see it is all around you, because it flows out of you freely.


Four of Cups

Virgo, sometimes it can be hard for you to change course once you’ve committed, mentally and emotionally. Honestly, it is really one of your most beautiful qualities: the ability to follow through, to show up, and to do the work dutifully. At this time though, there are a lot of changes ready to take place. These changes first start with you noticing. These changes begin once you allow different ways of relating, of relaying, and of reacting into your subconscious. It is also time for you to reframe how you view change, and what that means for you emotionally. You know, on an abstract level, that change is almost always good, and even if it isn’t, well, there isn’t much you can do about it, if things are changing around you. You also fundamentally know that everything, everywhere, is always changing. But have you let yourself change? Have you let yourself see new ways of showing up, new ways of accessing your intuition, new ways of expressing yourself? Start there. Let the gifts of your internal change, let the gifts of your letting this change happen, wash over you at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse like rainbow waterfalls.


7 of Wands

You are in a transition time, Libra, between two levels of energy, between different stages of desire. There is always the pull to want to go back, to stay in the old ways, to go back into the ways of being that were safer, into the desires that you subconsciously knew would happen. Now you are being asked to expand your desires, to follow your inspiration, to go into riskier territory: risky because it is truly the territory that YOU want, not what you think others want you to want. Follow those threads. Be gentle with yourself if you want to look back. Don’t let yourself stay there for long, however. There is true transformation up ahead next month that it is time for you to activate.


9 of Wands

You did it, Scorpio! You are almost there! Well, you are almost to a place where you can finally pause, after a long period of work. Finally melt into the very real outcome that you very much created. This was created with your blood, sweat, and tears, with your repeated hours, consistent refinement, laser-beam focus. The issue is you might be so very in it, that you can’t enjoy it. If you are feeling burned out, betrayed, or exhausted, tend to your body first. Rest up. Examine where your energy is needlessly draining away, and where it needs to be protected. This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that asks you to integrate flow and gentleness to your work ethic. Maybe before the next victory lap, could  there be less self-flagellation in your due dates? This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that is asking you to celebrate your accomplishments thus far. There will be many, many more to celebrate. Sink into this trust. Let yourself be transformed by how very far you’ve come this year.


King of Cups

Sagittarius, if you have been feeling inclined to write a book, write an album, publish a suite of drawings or design or any other tangible, creative expression of your emotions, your vision, and your downloads, the King of Cups here is a big, resounding YES to do so. This Full Moon wants you to pay attention to and work with the inspiration that is flowing from you and that is of you. The Kind of Cups also asks us to do the tricky dance of both protecting our boundaries and remaining open enough to let others in, to feel connected to friendships and family and the collective. This could be an optimal time to spend equal parts with yourself and your creative urges, and with others who show you how important supportive relationships really are. Meditate in the morning, create in the afternoon, and cook dinner for your loved ones in the evening. Share yourself and your creative gifts freely and watch you eclipse your own visions of what your gifts to the collective can be.


6 of Swords Reversed

Capricorn, this is a Full Moon that asks you to come back around to yourself in a different way. To accept that you are a haven to yourself, and that you don’t need to do more or push harder or change something to settle softly into this knowledge. This is a Full Moon to refine this safety in self. This is also possibly a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to wrap up some unfinished business. It is always optimal to move forward, but not when there are karmic loose ends to tie up. Not when you have a nagging tug about what you haven’t said, or didn’t do, that pops up sometimes when you are doing the dishes or walking down the aisle of the grocery store. Sometimes you find yourself escaping into excuses and into work. Sometimes you are so good at shaking it off that you miss the growth and lessons that want to make their way into your life. If you’ve got some matters of the heart to attend to, particularly if it involves relationships that are important to you in some way, or ways of showing up that mean something to you, this is the time to invest in the growth that comes with accountability and vulnerability.


King of Swords

Aquarius, the energy coursing through your body at this time is aligned. Are you letting yourself recognize them? The insights you are receiving might feel effortless. Really, they are a result of your dedication to clear vision. To seeing beyond the fog into pure potential and possibility. Of staying the course, even when it feels hard, or actually feels alienating at times. They are reminding you of your power and of your voice. This could be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse where very clear messages about how you apply your gifts to the collective come through. Trust those reminders—in fact, look for them to be uncovered. Then through the next few months start disseminating those messages, and your gifts, in tangible ways for others to be inspired by.


Page of Pentacles

Pisces, you are the one you have been waiting for. This is the truth. In your case, you’ve sometimes let external validation (or the lack of it) hold you back. Here’s the message at this Full Moon: it all comes back to you and how much you can stay present and grounded for both the mundane and the mystical. It all comes back to your magic: your energy, your self work, and how you access your unique powers. You are a time bender. A magical shape shifter. Once you’ve decided you are doing something, you make the impossible possible so quickly that it sometimes makes other people’s heads spin! Remember this, particularly if you have forgotten about that particular superpower as of late.  Reconnect with most present self, your most potent personal power. The stars are the limit once your feet are firmly planted.

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  1. Michael says:

    Wow! Thanks, Sarah! These hit home in many more ways than one. Mine (Gemini) feels spot on and both ties in with a spread I read for myself today, and some question areas I’d been noodling with but didn’t know really what to do with. Both of my daughters’ (Leo and Scorpio) were right on target, as well.

    Thanksnaga8n, and all the best wishes for this full moon and all seasons.


    • Sarah says:

      Aw! Thanks so much, Michael. I’m really glad they resonated with you/ were helpful to you. Sending you Full Moon Lunar Eclipse love!

  2. Angharad says:

    Thank you so much for this! Your message is really resonating with this Aries woman. The Ace of Pentacles is my card for this month, coincidentally, and all sorts of lessons are crystallising around it. And my dormant but ever-present impulse to cut loose and start all over again from scratch has raised its head… building and consolidation is hard, and stillness is hard, and I seem to be always looking somewhere else instead of sitting with what I have. All things I’ve been working on this month & which will be the focus of my eclipse meditations.

    • Sarah says:

      That’s amazing Angharad! Sounds like you have a lot of internal riches to dig into at this time. I’m sending you so much love !


  3. dashti says:

    Hi Beth and Sarah!

    Had been meaning to look at your website for a while and when I did got a full blast of inspiration… the Many Moons Tarotscope totally nailed it for me, I pulled Ace of Pentacles reversed last week at a clifftop shrine in Aberystwyth, and it confuuuused me but this makes total sense, resonating on so many levels!!!

    And it partly inspired this poem (or beginning of one), I wrote after havng lunch today with my super generous-hearted friend Pete:

    True Abundance
    Leaves of gold
    Grow within your soul
    As it reaches towards
    The great windows that
    Open out to its own
    Glittering goals.
    There is no knowing this vision
    Until you have grown inch by inch,
    Soaking up the feasts of the
    Rich soil of your home,
    And when you come to
    Share your perfect fruit,
    You will never do so alone.
    Dear friend, eat with with me
    The harvest of our
    Sparkling seeds –
    A golden acorn, rosy apple, bronze ash key –
    And know that that these will go on
    To grow wild and grow free,
    And to feed the world deliciously.



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