Making sense of the ‘Mars Effect’

My 2014 ‘year ahead’  astrological reading by the brilliant Eric Francis has been a fascinating read. I won’t quote my reading or go on about it too much here – if you want one, you’ll need to go to Planet Waves and order your own! But there is plenty of thought-provoking, relevant stuff I just want to get my head around here…

I’m an Aquarius, and my reading is concerned largely with the process of visioning, or in my case re-visioning, as I encounter Mars first of all in my ninth house (spirituality and belief systems), and later in the year, in my tenth (achievements and relationship with authority).


Francis’s readings centre on the theme of ‘The Mars Effect’ – what this passionate, bolshy planet means for each of us as it makes its retrograde transit in 2014. What it means for me is that I’ll be thinking a lot about what I believe, and why I believe it, in the first few months of the year.

Francis writes that this is tied up with my ideas about relationships – romantic relationships in particular – how I love and wish to be loved, how I want my relationships to be ‘structured’. Another theme is self-esteem – again related to my romantic life. As someone in a deeply loving, committed partnership with the woman of my dreams, this is unnerving. Things are perfect, surely? I don’t need to question or tweak, do I? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. That’s not for here, anyway.

The reading also throws up some interesting ideas about my ancestry, and the concept known as ‘sacred contracts’. Nope, I’d never heard of this before Emma mentioned it to me – here’s a quick explanation I found on The Mandala Coach:

Your Sacred Contracts are the contracts you made before you incarnated in this lifetime to have the personality traits, or archetypes  that make you who you are.  Your archetypes are the reason you see the world the way you do.  They are why you believe as you do, feel the way you do and are motivated how you are. They are behind the patterns that keep emerging in your life.

Susan Loraine Barker, The Mandala Coach

Contracts made before this lifetime? Sheesh…what can be done? I ain’t no time-traveller. And besides, I’ve always gone to lengths to feel ‘rootless’ – to distance myself from my ancestry and deny any connection to the place I’m from or the lives of past relatives. Maybe it’s time to think that. Last year I was given a kinesiology reading which told me that I have a strange relationship with money thanks to ideas/behaviours embedded in my by my ancestors. I decided then to change my thinking about money, but to leave the ‘past life’ stuff alone.

This, along with other elements in my reading (the recurring prominence of Libra), are making me think it’s time to talk with my mum. She’s been studying our family history for some time now – perhaps it would be an idea to sit down with her and ask her to go over her findings. As far as I know, my ancestors were basically all farm labourers – whilst that’s an admirable way of live, it didn’t arouse much interest in me when she first told me. But now I’d like to get to know these Salopian  landworkers – I’d like to see pictures, learn names, hear stories. Maybe if I got to know these characters a little, I’d start to unravel some of the things that have shaped my ideals and choices in life, and this could help me with my re-visioning process.

What I really, really like about the reading is that Francis urges me to write. Well, if there’s one thing I like doing! This, apparently, is how best I can work through my ideas and start to form a more solid vision for my life and my relationships. I write a bunch of different blogs and am always messing about with words in one way or another, but this apparently calls for something more private.

“Define what ‘writing’ means for you,” writes Francis, “though I would suggest that the initial form not be published (such as a blog) so that you have more freedom to explore taboo subjects. Start with a small notebook that you carry around, and pause and take a note every time you have an idea that seems interesting, or feels like it will have some potential influence.”

Oky dokes – that sounds like fun! I made a quick revisit to the ‘morning pages’ championed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, but soon remembered that I found this daily routine unhelpful. A notebook in my pocket. Uncensored, private scribbling. I’ve not done that for a long time. I’ve no idea what might come out if I start down this path, but I’m psyched by Francis’ reading and ready to find out.

mars effect

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