How to make the most out of Saturn in Capricorn

Guest post shared by Ichrak.

Saturn enters the height of its power as it transits Capricorn until December 2020.

Saturn in this sign offers the discernment and endurance to digest the contours of reality and the ability to shape them for our benefit. In earthy Capricorn, Saturn encourages us to take stock of actual, measurable reality. The best starting point is to look around at your inner and outer worlds and ask what you sense or know could use a dusting off and shaping up – or full out metamorphosis.

Capricorn is a mystical sign, and the fruits of its magic can be counted in the basket. This sign teaches the simple enchantment of defining a desire, writing it with your own hands, and assuring its growth with the proper mix of light and shade, water, nutrition, and patience. Saturn in Capricorn can rub us up against the rough edges of reality. Its energy can feel crushing, but its purpose is to elevate you to live in the fullness of what you are here to be.

To don Saturn’s cloak while it is in Capricorn, use the following suggestions as jumping off points for actualizing a dream or a different quality of life.


Saturn and Capricorn love a plan. Like cousin Scorpio, Capricorn turns over every stone, making sure every contingency is accounted for. If you have your eye on a change, an achievement or an improvement, plot the course for its materialization. What do you need to do? What are the pieces that need to be in place? What are the steps to arriving at your destination? When would you like it happen? The only rigidity in the plan should be the degree of your adherence to your truest vision. Some things unfold on a timeline and in a way that is better than we could concoct.

Saturn in Capricorn provides the stamina and makes us aware of the resources available to us – whether that is the land we live on, the community that supports us, the peace in our homes, or the people who are willing to help.

Create another income stream

Money allows us to do more, live more, love more, and heal more. So Saturn in Capricorn implores us to earn more. There are many possible ways to do this, whether on the ground where you live or over the internet. Consider adding a side stream to the existing flow of money into your life. If you run your own show as an entrepreneur, think of adding different avenues of earning to the ones you already have.

You could sell your wares online from the comfort of home, do card readings at pop-ups or flea markets, teach a class, create a course, or make a video series that helps others with something you specialize in. Dream of more ways to open the flow of money in your life.

Take steps to improve a condition you have long-suffered

One of my favorite pieces of counsel comes from a book in the Orin DaBen series by Sanaya Roman. It says not to endure a painful or non-optimal situation, but to actively seek ways to make it better. If there is a situation in your life that you have tolerated and are ready to exhale out of your life, Saturn in Capricorn supports you in removing or improving it. Move to a better apartment. Ask a partner for the support you need. Take a chance with someone new.

Grease the wheels of your creativity. Meet new people. Go to therapy with someone amazing. Get a new bed. Purge toxicity. Look for a better job. While Saturn is here, life gets noticeably better when we take practical steps to live a more nourishing, satisfying life.

Double down on a long held dream

Saturn helps us to get what we want by plain old fashioned planning and application of effort. Have you dreamed of doing an artist residency, producing a body of work, traveling to a foreign country for a month or three, opening a wellness space, or doing an awesome collaboration on a cherished project? Saturn in Capricorn wants you to wholeheartedly and consistently attempt your most deeply held dreams.

Discern its form, map it out, make the plan, and work the plan. The astrology through 2020 is transformative. Its energy can be harnessed to change our lives, from the memories in our muscle tissues to the architecture of our days.

About the author

Ichrak Dahou is an astrologer and writer in the Washington D.C. area. She works with reflective people who come to her for practical suggestions to enhance the quality of their lives using astrology via her website. Grab her guide for more ways to navigate this planetary shift: A Saturn in Capricorn Questionnaire

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Saturn is in Capricorn in my first house/ascendant so I am ready to make changes! I’ve printed this out as a guide. Thank you so much.

    • Ichrak says:

      Thank you so much, Megan. It’s nice to know this is on track with what you’ve been feeling. Wishing you the super best for your Saturn return! Luckily Saturn is strongly placed in Capricorn. So, it is said that a planet in its rulership has an easier time acquiring or accessing the tools it needs to perform its function. The birth data is speculative, but I think of Rebecca Solnit who (maybe, likely) has Saturn in Capricorn, and her seemingly innate ability to understand and dissect hierarchical power structures, not to mention how she seems to use so much of her life experience as a resource that contributes to material in her books, which wind up being a means of income for her (while also blessing the rest of us). xoxox

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