Mapping tarot cards – the major arcana

I’ve tried several times to mind-map the major cards, with little success.

Usually I give up halfway through, because I realise something that connects to something else is waaay over the other side of the page and, ack, dammit, I quit. So I set myself the challenge of completing a map. Doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to make 100% sense…but it does need to include every major card.

Here’s the result…

mapping tarot cards

I’ll do more when I work with different themes, but it feels good to have everything…on one page. Well, the major arcana at least. But… now I’m thinking about it…maybe that’s not such a great thing. Maybe I’m trying to boil everything down to one page, a few buletpoints, something manageable…something memorisable?

Tarot is a system.

There are infinite connections between the cards. Finding new expressions of these is part of the fun. My layout more-or-less has the cards in numerical order…my next challenge will be to find a totally new way to show the interlocking themes of the cards.

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