LRT ending: Questions & answers

Hey, friends.

Following my recent announcement that the LRT Blog is winding down on 31st October, I’ve received some questions and comments via the comment section and by email.

In this post, I want to answer these publicly, so everyone is on the same page. If you have further questions, feel free to leave them below!

The whole of the LRT blog will be archived so you can read and enjoy if forevermore. You’re on the archive site right now! It was a pleasure to revisit every single post ever shared on this blog, and put this new site together to honour all that has been shared here. I hope you enjoy it!

Important: It’s only the blog that is winding down! The shop and courses will remain.

LRT is my go-to for intersectional/alternative witchy info and inspiration. Can you recommend other blogs and sites I can turn to?

Yes! I think this is a question the whole community can help answer. I’m putting together a open thread post which will be published soon – here everyone in the community will be able to share their recommendations in one place. This will be published early October.

I love the Bits & Bobs newsletter. Will we be able to keep up-to-date with you (Beth) personally?

Yes! Before finishing the LRT newsletter on 31st October, everyone will be offered the opportunity to join me on a new, more personal mailing list, where I’ll still be sending out the same kinda stuff – just without the LRT component.

You can hop on the new list here!

I am a student in one of the online courses. What will happen to these?

Don’t worry – nobody will lose what they have purchased. Whilst I do intend to change the way courses are run in the future (I may revamp them with audio and video content, or I may cease offering them – I haven’t decided yet), if you are registered on either/both A Card a Day or The Alternative Tarot Course, you’ll continue to have the same access as you do now, I won’t be taking anything away.

Have you fired the writers?

No. LRT writers are freelance, submitting posts in line with their own schedules, nobody has been fired. Writers have been given two months’ notice of the change, and those who need it are being offered support in finding alternative platforms for their writing. The loss of this platform/income (small as it is) does present an issue for some of our team, and I’m in conversation with them about any useful support I and/or LRT can offer to ease the transition.

How do you intend to be accountable to the social and financial capital this blog has brought you?

I have published a post addressing this. I’m very aware that in running this site, I have personally gained a lot – not only in joy, friendship and emotional support, but also in terms of social capital (a platform for my voice, a space to shape political discourse, some ‘fame’ and generally being seen as a cool person, etc) and cash (because the blog promotes and benefits the shop, which is my living).

I want to completely own this and talk frankly about how we can be accountable to this as business owners, and offer practical examples from my own work here.

What will happen to my favourite columns?

Some will end, some will shift over to their writers’ own sites, and some are seeking new homes. You’ll know what is happening to each column if you read them, as I’m sure each writer will let you know where you can continue to follow them and their writing after October. Of the columns that are seeking new homes, I’m speaking with writers and offering support in finding suitable new platforms.

I’m also hoping to share a series of interviews with some of the writers, so you can find out more about them and follow and support them.

Everything shared so far on LRT is here on this archive site, where it will remain permanently accessible.

You talked in spring about creating a community space – what’s happening with that?

Back in spring, I was all excited and passionate about creating an online community space I’d been imaging for a long time. I believed that the next evolution for Little Red Tarot had to be this. As I have sat with this idea over the months since then, and connected more with my own capacity and desire, it has shifted. A lot. Right now, it’s possible I may embark on this project – or I may make peace with letting it go, and do other things instead – all I know right now is that I need some space this autumn to die back a little and see what generates anew after than. I still love the idea – and I have realised I am not in the right place just now to create, hold and sustain/maintain such a big project.

I’m sorry that I spoke about this earlier, when I was excited and totally believed this was what I was doing. I’m really trying to learn not to be so ‘urgent’ and to build in time for swirling and letting things shift, before making announcements. I’ve definitely learned a thing about when to share and when to keep things in my head. It feels irresponsible to have gotten people excited with me – only to drop the idea later on, and I’m sorry to anyone who feels let down there.

If you have any further questions right now, I’m listening. Please drop them into the comments box below this post and I’ll answer you there.

Thank you all so much for being here,

Beth x

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  1. Miranda Ellis-Jacobs says:

    You might be surprised (although I hope, in a way, not surprised at all) that someone like me absolutely loves your space in the universe. I’m a tarot-reading, witchy, south-west of England rural-living, straight grandmother. You have enlightened and inspired me for many years. I understand the pressures you are under and the excitement of going forward. I’d like to follow your progress as you move on to new things – anything you’d like to share. You and your guest writers have inspired so many thoughts in me – and they have informed my tarot work. I wish you all the best in the future. And thank you for being you.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Miranda! I’m so happy this blog has felt relevant and inspirational to you šŸ™‚

      I do have an awareness of a kinda ‘core demographic’ who make up the bulk of our readership, but I’m very aware that outside of this are some folks who are just not that at all – especially older people, who often reply to newsletter emails etc.

      Lovely to meet you!

  2. Annie says:

    I had only just come across your blog so naturally I am disappointed to see that it’ll be closing. I look forward to new endeavors you will bring to us.

    Tip for audio and video content: transcripts, subtitles, or captions, PLEASE!!! As a Deaf person, it’s utterly frustrating to find so many inaccessible tarot content.

    I think I joined your new mailing list. I will make sure I am on it. Cheers!

      • Angela says:

        Beth – an idea that’s not mine to suggest as I’m sure you’re shaping it how you need, and I’ll share because can up in my head – could transcribing content be something that you have one of the writers who needs income (or a willing incredibly part time person) to do with income from the courses? Not my place to ask, so I don’t expect an answer! Thanks

  3. Madelene says:

    I was happy and grateful to find this space and I also wish you and the other writers on this blog nothing but the best! Change is inevitable, growth is wonderful, and charting your own course is priceless <3

  4. Alex says:

    You f#cking rock. Hope you know that. I’m really going to miss this blog but I totally respect your choice for change and I have even greater respect for how thoughtfully you’re handling this transition. Thanks for being you.

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