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Y’know, we have some seriously brilliant columns running on Little Red Tarot at the moment.

If you dip into LRT in the way most blog readers do – catching a post here or there, following the odd newsletter link or social media post – it’s easy to miss the fact that much of what we share sits within the context of full-bodied series, which build on common themes.

We currently run radical, in-depth series exploring disability, travel, runes, self-care, shadow work, boundaries, healing, alternative tarot practice ideas, queer card interpretations, ritual, and much more.

Below is a round-up of our currently-running series. Dig in and find something that excites you – or delve into a topic you’re unfamiliar with! And please – check out these writers, follow their links, explore their websites, purchase their books, their readings, their services, their magic! LRT is co-written by such a f’ing rad gang of witches, bitches, healers, journeyers and spiritual allies – all of us contributing from marginal spaces. If you like what you read, tell your friends, spread the love, show your support.

See the Cripple Dance

See the Cripple Dance is author Maranda Elizabeth’s powerful examination of disability, class and access, explored in each instalment through the prism of a single tarot card. Brilliantly written and fiercely vulnerable, this unique series is an affirmation of crip pride, and an education to the rest of us.

Tarot as a Path of Healing

Tarot as a Path of Healing comes from much-loved herbalist Alexis J Cunningfolk. It’s an in-depth and practical guide to going further with your cards, beyond ‘standard’ readings. I love the variety of techniques and ideas Alexis shares in this ongoing series, and the compassionate focus on self-awareness, growth and healing.

Sunday Spread

Sunday Spread is a monthly self-care series from life coach Traci Medeiros-Bagan. Offering up loving, supporting messages along with a range of tarot spreads and self-love practices (plus the occasional deck review!) this series is a toolkit for anyone looking to live more compassionately and more consciously. It comes out on the first Sunday of each month – but you can enjoy it any time.

Fat Tarot

Fat Tarot is a fully-embodied examination of the tarot, created by activist and tarot reader Cathou. The series explores body representations in tarot cards, decks and discourse, placing body politics in the context of queer and feminist tarot theory. Some instalments are prosaic and theoretical, others are deeply personal poems… all open up new perspectives on tarot and the bodies we find within our decks.


Luke Dani Blue’s astrology series is smart, queer and straight to the point. Click on through to explore some of the less well-known elements of your birth chart. I especially love how Luke focuses on relationships, and how aspects of our personal astrological makeup play out in our romantic and community lives.

Ritual & Honey

Asali’s beautiful series explores personal spiritual practice through sharing her own journey with herbs, tarot and in particular, ancestor work. Ritual & Honey builds a bridge between personal spiritual growth and liberation, and the growth and liberation of our communities, making the personal political in the most tender, conscious way.

Heathen’s Journey

If you’re interested in learning more about runes, Abbie Plouff’s in-depth series is for you! Exploring each rune in turn, Heathen’s Journey is a step-by-step journey into Nordic spiritual tradition. Abbie consistently brings current US political happenings into her writing, drawing powerful parallels between the ancient and the now.

Heal & Harm

Heal & Harm is shared by illustrator Sabrina Scott, alternating between affirming, healing practices for the full moon, and shadow and boundary work for the new, with a strong focus on abuse and trauma. Sabrina’s recent post on Queen of Swords-style self-mothering struck a chord with many of you – if fierce, unapologetic approaches to self-care are your bag, I suggest diving in to the whole series.


Tarotviews is a cool ‘tarot and travel’ series, in which our newest columnist Danielle Dorsey takes her tarot cards on tour, reflecting on new landscapes and experiences through the lends of her daily draws.

Queering the Tarot

Queering the Tarot is a long-running series from the wonderful Cassandra Snow. The series works through every tarot card in turn, offering up LGBTQ+-specific interpretations drawn from Cassandra’s years of experience as a professional card reader. And guess what – the series has been picked up by a publishing house. Queering the Tarot: the book is forthcoming, stay tuned for updates!

‘Siobhan’s column’

Siobhan Rene shares her ideas and experiences under a couple of different columns, and sometimes without! Face Up Tarot explores the practice of consciously choosing tarot cards to work with, Light & Shadow looks at the light and shadow aspects of individual cards. These columns – and all of Siobhan’s posts – share a common thread of diving deep into the stuff of life – particularly in terms of mental health, sexuality and self-development – and exploring through the perspective of tarot and astrology.

My business is a garden

This is my (Beth’s) brain-dump space, where I’m trying to be open and transparent about my own grapplings with running a business that is, at its core, intersectionally feminist. There is a long way to go and so much to unravel, rethink, re-feel, re-imagine. I want to share the process as a form of vulnerable experimentation.

Many Moons

Each full moon, visual alchemist Sarah Gottesdiener shares an extract from the phenomenally successful Many Moons Workbook. This beautiful series offers personal reflections on the moon’s energy and that of the shifting seasons, along with affirmations, journal prompts, tarot spreads and other simple practices for you to try.

Dark Days

Each dark moon, Wren McMurdo – creator of the Dark Days Tarot – offers up a suggestions for personal reflective work, using tarot cards as prompts.

These are just our currently running series. If you’re seeking juicy, alternative perspectives on tarot and personal spirituality – and you have some time on your hands! – take a look back through the archive page, where you’ll find seven year and counting of Little Red Tarot posts.


Beth x

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