Lots of great free resources for learning tarot

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There are lots of awesome people out there, who know a lot about tarot.

Some of them share their work, so we can all learn from them. Sweet!

Here are some of my favourite free resources for anyone who works with tarot and wants to learn more.

Print your own tarot journal

Kelly created these tarot journalling pages for her own use, and now shares them so you can print them out and make your own tarot journal!

A Study in Tarot

This free e-book is one tarot learner’s journey through every card. Less like a ‘look up card meanings’ and more of a stream-of-consciousness, this is such an inspiring, helpful resource. Rebecca has generously made this into an e-book which you can download from her website. I really, really loved reading this (and I’m so impressed with the work that has gone into it!)


Want to introduce a little simple astrology to your tarot readings? Amelia Quint’s brilliant little ebook lists the 78 cards of the tarot alongside their astrological counterparts, with short, helpful, accessible notes about how and why they’re connected, and what this can add to your interpretations.

Tarot spreads archive

This is my own archive of spreads – most of which I created myself. I keep it bookmarked so I can always find the spread I want.

If you like this, check out my book: Little Red Tarot Spreads: 21 original tarot spreads.

A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

A helpful guide, provided as a txt file, written by Mark McElroy at tarottools.com. There’s also the option of purchasing the ebook or a PDF for just $5.

The Answer Mining Template

Also from Mark McElroy, this is a simple printable worksheet which encourages you to discover more and more hints, clues, ideas and insights within your cards. Try it with your daily card draw!

The Galaxy Tarot App

A brilliant, free app for Android which will give you a tarot reading on the spot, as well as helping you explore your cards and their symbols and draw a card for the day. The ‘lite’ version is free and has the basics, the paid-for app brings in way more spreads and a journalling feature.

If you’re interested in tarot apps, you’ll like this post: A digital mystic in your pocket: eight+ tarot app reviews.

Learn Tarot

Anyone who’s ever Googled a tarot card will have come across Joan Bunnings’ brilliant website which has been going forever and makes the contents of her legendary book available to all, for free. So generous.

But instead of checking out a card’s meaning and then clicking away, try exploring this site. It’s a complete tarot course! It won’t only help you to understand individual cards better but also has really handy page on the meanings of the suits, how the court cards interact, a sound introduction to the Celtic cross spread and more. I refer to this site all the time when I’m reading for myself or blogging.

Wild Unknown Tarot card by card

Carrie at Happy Fish Tarot is writing a blog post on every card in The Wild Unknown Tarot one by one and it’s awesome.

Talking Shop

This one’s for the tarot readers who are thinking of going pro. It’s a free monthly teleseminar lasting a whole hour in which Theresa Reed and Bri Saussy discuss, in depth, topics related to running a metaphysical business, from ‘selling without selling out’ to using astrology in your business. You’ll find the entire archive here.

alternative-tarot-course copyThe Alternative Tarot Course

An eight-week online course to help you develop your personal approach to tarot.

Find out more


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  1. Johoanna says:

    Awesome. Thanks Beth. I can totally recommend The Alternative Tarot Course. I’m up to week 4 and am loving it. I also have a blog and am working through the Druid Craft Tarot a card at a time.

  2. prismacapilar says:

    Somehow I never knew about Joan Bunnings, but I am glad I do now! Thank you for introducing her to me, its fabulous material!!

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