Astro DIY #2: The four elements of your birth chart

This is the second post in Tabby’s Astro DIY column on Little Red Tarot. It’s all about getting started with astrology, beginning with the basics. 

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The four elements are a great thing to learn first in astrology

If you can delve deep into them then you’ll have a much greater understanding of the 12 zodiac signs as your journey progresses.

Just like how we are more than just our sun sign, we are more than just the element our sun sign is ‘in’. The various signs placed in our birth chart are in different elements and it’s that combination that makes up you!

Each of the 12 zodiac signs corresponds to one of the four elements.

The elements represent different kinds of energies within us and our birth chart indicates which energies are easier for us to express and which are more difficult to integrate.

Some people just have well balanced elements, but some of us are stronger in some and weaker in others, which can cause an imbalance in personality. It’s just another part of what makes us all wonderful and diverse beings, but knowing our elemental balance can be a good tool for self awareness and intentionally finding ways to balance these different energies in our lives.


The four elements are often divided into two groups: Fire and Air, which are considered to be more active, extroverted elements while Earth and Water are seen as more passive and introverted.

The pairs of elements have affinity with each other as their energy is similar, and so often people are more likely to get on with or surround themselves with people who are heavy in the same element, or sub-group of two elements as them.

On the other hand, we know that sometimes opposites attract! People are also often drawn to people who have the kind of energy they might be lacking. Which rings true for you?

Adding up your elements

As we said last time, it’s helpful to write out what signs you have in your chart – if you haven’t already then check out my last post to learn how to access and understand the basics of your birth chart.

Then add up how many planets you have in each element, by looking at which zodiac sign each planet is in.

Here’s a quick reference guide to which elements each zodiac sign corresponds to:

  • Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

For this exercise, give the elements that your sun, moon and rising sign are in two points as they’re more important influences, and all the other planets (not counting Chiron or your Nodes) one point.


Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Wand Suit in Tarot

Fire is active, enthusiastic, outwardly expressive, excitable, self-oriented, impatient, optimistic, honest, passionate, freedom loving, creative.

When I think of the fire element and fiery people I think loud, busy, creative, funny, confident, inspirational, go-getting people. Artists and actors, leaders, people who live a bit on the wild side. One thing about people heavy in fire signs is that they are often more likely to use alchohol or drugs often, as a way of altering their state of mind, attempting to make life more interesting.

Fire people are often passionate about some kind of spirituality or religion and bringing that out in other people. They tend to be driven and always initiating things – whether that’s parties, projects, relationships or conversation. Fire people will be the ones to say what everyone else is thinking but is too polite to say – they have a knack for speaking the unspeakable! My firey friends are the ones commenting exactly what they think all over facebook – it makes me cringe, but it’s awesome that have the confidence to speak their mind!

If you’re strong in the fire element, you might need to work harder to be aware of other people’s needs and differing points of view. Be careful of burn out and make sure you make a conscious effort to get some down time to relax and take care of yourself – you can’t be go, go, go all the time.

If you’re lacking in the fire element you might feel at times that life gets the better of you and you would benefit from consciously taking on a fiery ‘can-do’ attitude more often. You might have difficulty getting angry, or taking initiative. Making time for exercise will be really beneficial for invigorating your energies, or putting on loud music and singing along can be a good way to connect with your fiery side!


Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – Pentacles Suit in Tarot

Earth is practical, grounded, results focused, patient, reasonable, persistent, organised, loyal, protective, ambitious, stubborn, dependable.

People with lots of Earth are usually pretty down to earth, as the name suggests. They are usually in touch with their bodies and the pleasures of the physical world – that might mean being a foodie, being really into nature, building, gardening, sex, interior design, or just being a bit more sensual than most people.

Earth people are good at being self-sufficient – they’d be up there leading the way in an end of world type scenario (my friends will laugh at this – I am not a very typical Earthy person and would not be prepared, but I reckon most Earth folks would be great!). Earthy people are big on security – things like having a place they can call and make their home are extra important for them.

Earth people often have great memories and carry these in their body, or have them tied to something in the material world– so are easily reminded when they return to a place, or see a thing again of memories associated with it. They are quite empathetic and often internalise negativity which can result as experiencing it through pain in their bodies.

If you’re strong in the Earth element you have a tendency to be strongly invested in practical matters and the here and now. You can benefit from not setting to many limits for yourself – have faith in the unknown and don’t forget to dream!

If you’re lacking Earth in your chart then you might have trouble making your ideas a reality, or completing everyday tasks. Things that might help you balance your earth energy would be to get a routine, or even something like cleaning your room, getting a plant to take care of, walking, massage or cooking might help you.


Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – Swords Suit In Tarot

Air is fast, intellectual, inquisitive, talkative, social, thoughtful, logical, objective, flexible, flighty, detached, cooperative.

Air people can seem airheaded – not at all meaning that they have a simple mind (usually it’s quite the opposite) but that they can be a bit scattered, a bit all over the place in the way they talk and move through the world, hard to pin down. They might forget what they’re doing or where they’re going, getting so caught up in their ideas – the thing about Air people is that they live in their head.

Air people are social butterflies and love communicating their ideas and learning from others, while at the same time refusing to conform and valuing their independence. They are very curious and are always collecting information and coming up with ideas – ideas which usually don’t see fruition (though combined with Earth energy or even Fire that might not be true!).

Air people are often creators, designers, researchers, teachers and want to experience all life has to offer. They often seem detached or aloof. If you’re strong in Air you may tend to live in your mind and react with your head rather than your heart. You can benefit from tuning into your feelings and sharing those – not just the story your head is telling you. Socialising will usually make you feel better when you’re down!

If you’re lacking in Air you might be someone who avoids conflict and keeps things inside. You can easily be taken advantage of. Writing in a journal and finding your own voice can be beneficial for you – so can making an effort to get out in the world and be social. Try spending time with an Air person and observing them – learn to ask questions.


Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – Cups Suit in Tarot

Water is emotional, intuitive, spiritual, imaginative, reclusive, creative, nurturing, receptive, sympathetic, moody, sensitive.

Water people are often nurturers, artists, poets, musicians, dreamers, healers, mothers or caretakers in some way. They are very in touch with their feelings and aren’t usually shy about expressing them. Spirituality and intuition comes naturally for them and they are often homebodies with a need for privacy.

Water people are usually very sensitive to the energies of those around them. I’ve seen the effects of this vary – often making them compassionate and emotionally available to support others, but sometimes the addition of other people’s energy can just intensify their own experiences so they become really overwhelmed and self-absorbed. Water people are quite impressionable and can easily be pulled in different directions and influenced by other people.

If you’re strong in Water it might seem like you feel everything, cry easily, are hyper sensitive and find it hard to have boundaries. Water people are prone to escapism because they feel things so intensely. It’s important to take time out regularly to be alone and recharge and to do grounding activities.

If you’re lacking in Water you might struggle with identifying what you’re feeling, or might be insensitive to other people’s needs and emotions. Spending time by the sea, or in the bath with no distractions can be a good way to sit with being calm and see what feelings come up.


So that’s a little bit about the four elements in astrology!

Way more could be written on each of them, so if you’re interested, do some more reading and see what else you can learn.

I totally recommend looking at the charts of other people in your life and counting up their elements as well as your own – it’s really interesting! Share your findings and questions in the comments!

I’ll start – I have a pretty well balanced chart with five points in Earth and four in Fire and Water but I’m lacking in Air with only one point there. I can totally relate to the way the elements in my chart affect me – I’ve got the fiery qualities of taking initiative, being passionate and going after things, the earthy abilities to get things done and be dependable, and the intuitive, nurturing Water energy in the way I work and relate to people. When it comes to Air – well I’m not a logical, scientific kind of person at all, I’m a well practiced bottler, I’m pretty introverted and bad at small talk and maybe this one’s a bit silly, but I’m no fan of the colour yellow which is usually associated with Air! Funnily enough my partner (while pretty well balanced in all four) has Air as the strongest element in her chart – so yeah it’s funny how we find ways to bring the energies we are missing into our lives and learn from them too! Remember Beth’s awesome four elements jewellery as a practical way you can tune into the different energies when you need them too!

Next time we’ll look at the modalities – another way of breaking up the zodiac signs and understanding the different energies in our charts.

Your homework:

Well of course to count up the elements in your chart, but also see if you can try and memorise which three zodiac signs belong to each element. A trick is that they go in the order of the zodiac, so if you know that it’s not so hard eg – Fire – Aries, Earth – Taurus, Air – Gemini, Water – Cancer and around again!

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  1. Shonna says:

    I’m a an air (5), fire (4), earth (4), water (3).

    I definitely relate to being air-y — definitely have a fluttery mind and sharp logic. However, like you, I’m introverted and small talk is not my thing.

    I am making a concerted effort to develop my watery aspects 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    I found working that out quite tricky, but I got there in the end! As I suspected, lots of air…
    Air 7 / Fire 4 / Earth 3 / Water 2

    Not unlike yours Shonna! But with considerably less balance …

    I really relate to all that air – though I would have expected more fire perhaps. Right now, I’d like a shed-load more earth!! And as for water – gosh, I could do with more of that. I’m actually very emotional – but try (too hard) not to let it inform my decisions, I guess. (interesting in relation to a separate conversation with a friend at the mo re Myers Briggs stuff..) Maybe need to let go of that.

    • Tabby says:

      Well the element of our rising sign is definitely powerful! It’s still quite a bit of fire compared to your earth and water, as if you don’t count Chiron or the North Node (these are more generational and more minor influences that aren’t normally counted for this kinda thing) then you’d only have 2 in Earth and 1 in Water!

      What’s your Myers Briggs type?

  3. Calgary says:

    I’ve got six Air to three Earth…no wonder I’ve always felt a little disconnected from my Capricornness! This also explains my affinity for the Queen of Swords, I think. I’ve even got more Fire (four) than Earth. Only one water, which isn’t surprising at all, considering the lengths to which I’ve always gone to contain my emotions.

    Anyway, I’m really having fun with this, Tabi, thanks…and thanks, Beth for facilitating!

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks for reading and joining in! Ah I love how astrology can explain things like that – elements are a good thing to look at when someone doesn’t feel like they fit their sun sign. 🙂

  4. Danielle says:

    surprisingly balanced: air 3 / fire 4 / earth 4 / water 3 – though i am a libra, so maybe it’s not so surprising after all, haha!

    i also have had really strong reactions to both wands (love love love them) and pentacles (um, i don’t know that i HATE them but they are my least favorite suit), so it’s neat to see that those are the elements i have the most, uh, ‘points’ in.

      • Lor says:

        I need that post too! I have Earth (9), Water (4), Air (2), Fire (0). No balance at all! And I’ve never felt much affinity for Pentacles, possibly because so many things I’ve read about Tarot talk about Pentacles so much in terms of money and financial success, which bothers me. I’ve always felt a closer affinity with cups.

        It’s interesting because I think I was much more earth-y as a child and have gained more of the other elements as I’ve grown older, sometimes intentionally cultivating airy characteristics.

        • Tabby says:

          Ooh yeah I think that totally happens – that we come more into the other elements/more balanced as we get older.

          I am also keen for this Pentacles post! I have felt a similar thing with astrology in terms of Earth and also the 2nd House (which is about possessions, money, material world) and sometimes struggle with interpreting what else it can be about!

  5. Bobby says:

    Oh well…. seems I am a great big sea with a Volcano on a mountain in the middle!!! That’s no surprise, and seems you may have inherited your lack of Air from me Tabs xox

  6. Celia says:

    Oh I need that post about pentacles too, because it’s definitely my least favorite suit! Maybe it’s the deck I have, or its art, but they always just rub me the wrong way.

    I’m rather delightfully unbalanced- Fire (7), Water (5), Earth (2), and Air (0)
    Which surprised me a little bit until I read more of your descriptions Tabby, because I definitely can relate to your descriptions of fire, water, and earth the most. I’m almost surprised there wasn’t more Earth in my chart because of those, actually!

    • Tabby says:

      That’s interesting! Often there are explanations for that kind of feeling that you might uncover as you learn more – eg. strong aspects to your earth planets or having planets in particular houses, etc…. so many layers to it!
      Though of course our birth chart is also not limiting in terms of how we are in the world, so we can totally be born lacking in an element but grow into it and that could be your relationship with Earth.

  7. Connor says:

    Wow I’ve never heard of this before! I’ve always felt myself to be a earthy water kind of person, with little-to-no fire or air at all and I was right!

    7, water & 5, Earth & one of each of the others.

    I keep thinking of conceited metaphors for myself being a nurturing muddy river hahahah… 🙂

  8. Rebecca says:

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the fire crown: 8 fire, 3 earth, 2 air, and 1 water. Anything that even looks like balance in this comes from the extra weight given to our rising and moon signs: I’m a Virgo rising and a Gemini moon. The breakdown for the 8 fire is four Leos (including two points for a Leo sun sign), one Aries, and two Sagittarius.

    I never felt like I fit the usual conception of my element, because I’m a shy introvert who’s never been known for being that loud or outspoken, and will usually try to accommodate other people instead of insisting that I be accommodated. In fact, I always wanted to be a water sign when I was growing up.

    But my fire is more ever-glowing spark than raging inferno. I have a lot of drive that I tend to conceal and keep protected, which looks like quiet determination. I’m careful to keep the fire burning so that I don’t let it go out. I think of the line in “Yellow Flicker Beat,” “the fire’s found a home in me,” which is a quiet proclamation and not a mighty roar.

    • Beth says:

      That’s so beautifully put Rebecca… and it’s such a reminder not to essentialise the elements – being fiery doesn’t have to mean bursting with explosive energy all the time, right? I love the ‘ever glowing’ image – that’s the kind of fire that not only gets things started but gets them done 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Tabby says:

      I agree, the idea of the ever-glowing spark is lovely – and I identify with that too in terms of the way my fire is portrayed. I reckon in terms of astrology it’s your Virgo rising that plays a strong part in the quieter, more accommodating part of your personality! Though many Leo’s with Virgo rising are still very very Leo and the roaring kind of fire. Will be cool to hear about what aspects you have going on linked with the Ascendant once we get to that point! 🙂

  9. Lena says:

    Tabby, thanks so much for doing this! I’ve always wanted to learn astrology and your explanations are so helpful! After your first post I did my birth chart, and I’m a Sagittarius with my moon in Aries and Sagittarius rising. (I’m Captain Sagittarius, I guess–Mars is also there!)

    As for my elements, I have 8 Fire, 3 Earth, 2 Water, and 1 Air. This makes a lot of sense, as I’m intensely passionate and like being in charge (with the added Earth benefit of needing everything to be practical), but I was wondering about the “being aware of other people’s needs” bit. In the world of Meyers-Briggs I’m an ESFJ, so I’m basically thinking about other people ALL THE TIME. Where might that be coming from on the astrological side of things?

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks Lena, I’m so glad people are excited about this and finding it helpful! And yay I have my Moon in Aries too. 🙂

      Ooh sounds like you’ll have to look beyond the signs to find out where that comes from astrologically – most likely there’s a strong aspect (or multiple aspects that really put emphasis on it). My girlfriend is pretty Sagittarius but she has the aspect Sun conjunct Neptune which makes her super sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs. It could also be related to where your Water signs are and aspects involving those planets. No doubt the answer will arise as you learn more and more about astrology and your chart! 🙂

  10. So it turns out I am super balanced. Like it’s almost not possible to be more balanced. 3 each in Fire and Air, and 4 each in Earth and Water. So slightly more introverted and inward in general, but pretty balanced! I feel slightly smug about being NOT LACKING IN ANYTHING MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay more than slightly.

  11. These lessons are clear and articulate. Perfect for anyone who is dabbling in astrology – or even old hats who are looking for fresh perspectives. I have ZERO fire in my chart but it seems I have taken the opposite approach – I “overcompensate” and am super fiery! I get tons of stuff done over here and have a red-hot temper. I also surround myself with fire people. If they have Sagittarius or Aries somewhere in their chart, I’m all over ’em. Ha!

    • Beth says:

      Amazing to hear you have zero fire! I guess I’d associate you most with earth…but then with fire too for sure. Overcompensation – I love it!

      I’m really glad you shared this. I have one water in my chart which surprised me at first, and then upset me (like, how can I be a good tarot reader if I don’t have lots of water?!) and then I thought ‘hell, that’s just me’. It’s true, I’m not motivated by my emotions – at least not when it comes to decision-making. I’m airy and detached and that’s just gonna have to be okay! …And then I *totally* overcompensate by crying at literally anything that’s remotely moving. For real – I spend half my life in tears at how beautiful/sad/amazing the world is. *sigh*

      So glad you’re enjoying Tabby’s column Theresa!

      • Felicity says:

        Holy shit, Beth. I thought I was an Earth girl but it turns out I’m mostly Air. Air(8), Earth(2), Fire(3), Water(0). This makes so much sense now.

  12. Nova says:

    It looks like I’m mud! 🙂 I got 1 for Fire, 6 for Earth, 2 for Air, and 5 for water. I can see how that fits with me. I did my partner’s numbers and everything fit him pretty well except his almost complete lack of Air in his chart. He’s incredibly rational and scientifically-minded. He’s sun-sign/Pisces, rising/Cancer, and Moon/Taurus. Any insights into this?

    • Tabby says:

      Hehe I love the analogies you can make with the elements!

      Hm does he have Mercury in Aquarius by any chance? Or where is the Air he does have placed? It’s quite common for people who are lacking an element to overcompensate for it and strongly take on some of those qualities, though so it might just be that that’s going on! 🙂 Houses would be another place to look to for an explanation, which we should get to in a few weeks. 🙂

  13. This is perfect since I just finished Chapter Two (Suits and Elements) in Beth’s tarot course!

    I have always been heavily influenced with the elements. I think it comes from my younger years of secretly trying to study Wicca. I love, love the elements and their affects.

    Water (5) Air (4) Fire (4) Earth (3)

    This was no surprise to me at all. Water has always been my strongest element. I have been incredibly surprised by the amount of air influence. I always tend to forget about that element =/ Shame on me. But yeah, I am needing some more Earth influence, for sure.

    Really, really love this one. 🙂

  14. Copper Doe says:

    This is wild. I am taking your wonderful tarot ecourse, and worked on the week two assignment yesterday, looking at myself with respect to the four suits/elements. My “water” quadrant felt very empty and unexplored, and I didn’t quite know what to write at all in that quadrant. I was totally at a loss, and it had a fraction of the descriptors and words I had written in the other three quadrants. Just now, I went through listing all of the elements of the planets in my natal chart, and GUESS WHAT?! Not a SINGLE one was in a water sign, but air, fire, and earth were all quite equally represented. As I was going through the list from, I was just amazed, and it made so much sense after the activity from the tarot course. This is SO fascinating!!!!

  15. Lisa says:

    Ladies! This is such a cool series! Found it in trying to understand why the full moon always knocks me off my feet 🙂

    Was shocked by the element count — always considered myself a very watery, earthy Pisces. But Fire was my highest element – Fire 7, Air 1, Earth 3, Water 3.

    Beyond being a creative, I don’t consider myself fiery at all — what would be the significance of being heavy in an element that doesn’t seem to be expressing itself. Or maybe should be being expressed more?

    Can this be normal? Would I have to be suppressing it? Could it contribute to fatigue and depression?

    • Tabby says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I found this blog post which has a beautiful way of explaining why some people with lots of fire don’t feel so typically fiery:

      But yeah definitely one way elements can be expressed is through repressing one and overcompensating somewhere else. It’s really hard to say much without knowing you or seeing your chart but another thing to be aware of would be what houses your signs are in (perhaps the fire signs are in houses that are associated with water) as that could also influence how you express the elements in your chart.

  16. pokerlulz says:

    I have 4 fire (ascendant, saturn, pluto), 4 air (sun, venus, uranus), 6 earth (moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, neptune) and 0 water.

    As an air-earth dominant person I admit I can be overly dry, detached, analytical and practical at times. Emotions and passion make me drained, confused and vulnerable. The absence of water makes it particularly hard because my emotions either run dry or come in a huge flood!! (during which I “drown” because I don’t know how to “swim”) While I have plenty of empathy for others, I have difficulty understanding my own emotions 🙁

    Just wondering- wouldn’t it be more accurate to also allocate more points to the other personal planets like mercury, venus and mars? It seems unfair to equate their importance to generational planets, which effects can hardly be felt in most cases. I may have scored 4 for both fire and air, but I definitely feel more airy then fiery because of my Gemini sun and venus, and dominant uranus 😀

    Thanks for the informative article ^^

    • MOHAMED says:

      hi im 6 earth ,4 air,3 fire ,and 1 water but im sometimes I feel that im too emotional and im very irrational not logical person caN YOU EXPLAIN MY CASE???

      • Tabby says:

        Hi Mohamed, if you’re able to post a link to a picture of your birth chart or your birth details (date, time, place) here I can take a look at your chart for you and see if I can explain this. It might be that you have lots of planets are in watery houses for example!

    • Tabby says:

      Haha I love the ‘drowning because I don’t know how to swim’ idea!

      Yeah that’s a good idea, seems strange that I’ve never heard people count it up that way before actually! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. Vera says:

    Hi Tabby! I literally just tried this exercise and I was so shocked to find out that Air is the most dominant element in my chart — because I’ve always, always considered myself a Water girl through and through! If not Water, then Earth. But I got Air 7 – Earth 3 – Water 3 – Fire 0. I’m doubting my whole life now!

    I realize that there is a lot of Air in me; people have pointed out that I’m intelligent, curious, talkative (extroverted, even, which I disagree with!), and a deep thinker. “Living in my head” is totally true, but I’ve always associated it with being a Pisces (Sun, Libra Moon, Libra Ascendant)!

    The fact that there’s a huge absence of Fire in my chart is worrisome, though. In terms of pairs, they look balanced; Fire and Air 7, and Earth and Water 6. Does that explain anything at all? Or should I still be really worried?

  18. Madeline Cottrell says:

    well i guess i’m not far off what i though 8 fire, 6 earth,2 water and 1 air…i’m definitely more of a do-er rather than a thinker 😛

  19. Hari says:

    Air 5, earth 5, fire 2, water 2. Air equals earth. Surprise me. I am so much of earthy. May be because of my sun sign.

  20. Apu says:

    Hi Madam,
    I’m from India, I went through your contents,I have also engaged myself in the subject of Astrology since several years, there are so many tricks to predict on a chart , which I gained from the ancient Indian Astrological Books as well as with the assistance of succession of generation.If you fill you may contact.


  21. Evelin says:

    7 for water, 4 for earth, 2 for air and 1 for fire.
    Makes sense, so sensitive and intuitive and only aim to live based on my heart’s desires. o.o

  22. Jack says:

    Earth 9 / Water 3 / Fire 1 / Air 1

    I didn’t expect this kind of imbalance at all, especially toward Earth of all elements… But I’ve been thinking about it and trying to notice all the signs and I think I’ve come to understand myself a bit more looking at myself through this new prism…
    I’ve always felt disconnected from my physical body, been ill at ease and uncomfortable. On the contrary, I have more respect and admiration for a great mind or a spontaneous and enthusiastic spirit… But I think it my just be because I have this imbalance and am therefore really high maintenance in terms of earthly energy that I feel disconnected, because I haven’t let myself realize my earthly nature, and have instead been putting other qualities, which I lack and therefore need to compensate for in order to have a “normal” life, on a pedestal.
    No I think I’ll try to indulge myself a bit more in my earthly nature (I’ve definitely realized that I am much more sensual than I thought I was) and stop beating myself up for having to constantly make an effort to appear fiery or airy (communication is hard guys).

  23. Casey S. says:

    I thought I was a fiery sort! But as it turns out I’m pretty balanced if you don’t include air! Poor air signs, I only have one. 🙁
    Fire – 5
    Water – 4
    Earth – 4
    Air – 1

  24. jackie ortega says:

    Its not accurate if you’ll include uranus, neptune & pluto coz these are generational planets that don’t have enough personal impact on the person unless its aspected by inner planets. Also the element where the sign of the depositor of the sun & ascendant falls in must also added here.

  25. Amber says:

    I know I am really late to the party but my numbers were as follows:

    8 – Fire
    2 – Air
    3 – Earth
    1 – Water

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