June Sunday Spread | Nurturing abundance consciousness

Hello, darlings! It’s June!

I can’t believe how fast the months have been flying by this year. We made it through the Winter, took deeps breaths into Spring, and here we are together in the delicious throes of Summer! Just a couple more months until the Sunday Spread celebrates it’s first birthday here on Little Red Tarot!

The last few months have been heavy. Not dark, but heavy. Not hard, but heavy. Not without light, but heavy. It sometimes happens that way for me, especially as someone who is fortunate enough to accompany folks on their healing work. Sometimes the work is just heavy.

I’ve been in these cycles before, but they took on a bit of a different energy this year. I got the really lovely opportunity to create a course around Dating and Sex After Trauma for Everyday Feminism. I got to talk about the intersections of trauma and healing from a feminist, somatic, and sex-positive perspective. It was a dream project in some senses, and I also spent a lot of energy on what it meant to package and market this type of healing offering. It’s a complicated process that I enthusiastically take on because I feel really lucky to work at the intersections which I do, but it is also a different kind of heart work and business mind. When in the midst of building particularly heavy content, I often feel the push and pull of walking these lines more intensely.

I know I’m one of many really digging Beth’s offering of her My Business is a Garden series! Beth’s pondering about how to create ‘businesses’ that sustain and embody our beliefs resonate and overlap so much with ones that I’ve had over the years. I really appreciate how intentionally Beth is moving into this process, and I wanted to bring that intentionality here to the Sunday Spread!

Abundance Consciousness Spread

In Beth’s most recent post, What does a feminist business look like? Exploring ‘abundance consciousness she discusses how she’s “looking for and trying out new ways of being in business, of being a human in a community, of being part of an economy, a trade of energy, and how these can be situated within a feminist framework, prioritising equality, love and justice over mindless profit and power for individuals.”

Beth reflects, “The work is about my business, but it is forcing me to confront the deeply embedded stories I carry about worth, self-worth, showing up, leadership, accountability, social justice, and my relationship with my environment – both tangible and spiritual. Each piece of my business that I break open breaks open a little part of myself, as I unlearn the patterns I’ve received from capitalism and patriarchy.” It is such a powerful read, wrapped in the humble guise of a “rambling,” and I highly suggest you go check it out for yourself, but here’s the conclusion that she comes to about abundance consciousness:

It is a feeling/knowing: I have enough. There is enough. I am enough.

This is where I’d like to focus for this month’s Sunday Spread. A little attention and intention to explore how we get to this place of feeling/knowing. Clear, shuffle, and cut your deck as you usually do. You can pull these cards in order if you’re so inclined, but I really enjoyed spreading my cards out and drawing each one of them individually as I held each inquiry intentionally.

Card 1. I Have Enough: This card assists you in pondering what it means to ‘have enough’. What are needs versus wants? What are the tangible and energetic signs in your life that let you know when you ‘have enough’?

Card 2. Having Enough is Challenging Because: This card holds wisdom around the places that challenge your sense of having enough. These challenges might be literal, in your perception, or in the way that you’ve structured your life.

Card 3. There is Enough: This card helps you examine a communal understanding of having enough. This card is about believing in shared resources versus getting caught in competition and scarcity. What lets you know that there is enough? What structures nurture there ‘being enough’ for everyone?

Card 4. Knowing There is Enough is Challenging Because: This card is about what challenges your sense that there is enough for everyone. It is also about what structures literally cause strains on our communal resources.

Card 5. I Am Enough: This card gently reminds you that you are enough. It is about uplifting and honoring this central belief in all that we do. How do we know that we are enough? How do we interact in our relationships when we believe that we are enough? How do we see this belief and these interactions ripple out from us, to our relationships, and reverberate throughout the rest of our lives?

Card 6. Remembering I Am Enough is Challenging Because: This card shines light on the places that challenge our belief that we are enough. Until we are aware of these points of tension we cannot address and fight back against them.

I think this spread can be used specifically around abundance consciousness in regards to business/financial stability, but I think it is relevant to our lives at large. I encourage you to really make some space and take your time with this spread. Maybe even think about how you could utilize it with other practices like meditation, mind maps, or vision boards to really flush out what abundance consciousness could mean and look like for you in your life, business, and/or relationships.

A toast to your summer abundance!



Featured deck: Next World Tarot

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  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for sharing this post Traci, and your humbling reflections on my own post. I love this spread and am excited to try it out!

    I recognise that ‘abundance consciousness’ is a tricky and edgy concept, largely due to material realities and the systems of oppression that ensure some folks hold power, privilege and access to resources. I see a huge amount of pain, fear and righteous anger brought up when we talk about ‘abundance’ (real or as a consciousness) and want to make it clear that when we have conversations about that here on LRT, it is done consciously, with awareness of the realities of ‘who gets to feel abundant’ – and also responsibilities we all have to cultivate a different vision of abundance within our communities, one in which those who traditionally hold less power, privilege and access to resources are centred and are more able to create and receive.

    • Traci Medeiros-Bagan says:

      Hi Beth, thank YOU! Yes, I definitely got that lens from your post and really appreciate it. I agree that there is a lot of wisdom in these concepts but it is so important to wield them gently both in our own personal work and in the way we share it with marginalized communities. I really appreciate your conscious and conscientious analysis and look forward to more of your garden ponderings! <3

  2. Ryn says:

    I’ve been excitedly following Beth’s garden posts and was so happy to see this Sunday Spread, Traci! When I set aside time to go through it and pull some cards, I learned a lot about my relationship to creativity, to growth and conflict, to money and capitalism, and to community–I even pulled the three of cups! Thank you for your lovely work on this spread, it really inspired me to go deeper with a lot of what I’ve been thinking about.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for sharing your own reading, Ryn! So interesting.

      I tried out this spread myself and some similar themes arose – particularly around my relationship to growth (and what ‘growth’ means).

      • Hi Ryn and Beth, thank you both so much for trying this spread out! I’m so happy to hear that it was helpful! I definitely saw this theme of my relationship to growth as well! For me, this particularly pointed to my perceptions/beliefs about growth and what I could/couldn’t control. I definitely hope to return to this spread when thinking about accountability, responsibility and abundance in my practices. I also look forward to following along with Beth’s growing garden! I imagine there may be more fodder there I’d like to explore with tarot!

    • Traci Medeiros-Bagan says:

      Ahh, well I certainly have to give a lot of credit around this offering to Beth’s Business Garden process but I’m so glad you liked it! A bridge card is SUCH a great idea! I’m going to have to return to this with that addition myself! Thank you, Alexis! 🙂

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