July Sunday Spread | Hip Chick Tarot deck review

Hello friends, welcome back to the Sunday Spread!

I hope the summer is treating you well and warming your hearts and spirits! I hope that you’ve had a bit of time to slow down and spend some time with friends. I, myself, am really grateful to be coming down from a lovely week in Northern California where I had a lot of good meals with wonderful people and some amazing redwood healing walks. I also got to spend some time with the “Hip Chicks” in Maria Strom’s Hip Chick Tarot!

Hip Chick Tarot deck review

Deck: Hip Chick Tarot (6″ x 2″)

Included: Hard box and guidebook

Creator: Maria Strom

Illustrated: Maria Strom

Instagram: @mariahipchicktarot

Maria Strom starts her guidebook for Hip Chick Tarot with a dedication, “For all those who know and will come to know the Tarot,” and this warm and inclusive welcome continues throughout the entirety of the deck. The deck reads like an open invitation to an outdoor dinner/craft party with an immaculate guest list! It would be one of those perfect summer evenings, where you and the hippest chicks you know gather to talk, eat, and create together until the sun goes down. I can’t think of a better way to spend a warm July evening! For male and/or masculine of center folk you will see less direct representation of yourself in this deck but will recognize all of your favorite fierce femmes and the divine feminine that resides in all of us amongst the figures in these cards. No matter what your identity, these are certainly some women worth spending some time with and soaking up their wisdom! 

Strom’s deck includes the full 78 cards. I especially love the representation of the Empress and Emperor as Nature and Structure respectively and the coding of Temperance as Flow. She represents the court cards of the Minor Arcana as a family of strong women each bringing wisdom and/or energy from their life phase of Queen, Boss, Teen, and Child. The traditional suits are made a bit more contemporary by using the labels of Create (Wands), Feel (Cups), Think (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles). Maria adds continuous symbols and colors to assist the reader with themes and journey.

Maria’s deck seems to especially resonate with our purpose here on the Sunday Spread as she states the intention to have Hip Chick Tarot support you in your spiritual growth as well as your everyday life. She states that “All the cards are spiritual because all of your issues, all of your feelings, all of your daily joy and challenges are part of your spiritual path.” She also gently reminds us that there are “no bad cards and no bad feelings.” That “acknowledging and loving your feeling is acknowledging and loving your humanity. It’s expansive energy, and it leads to compassion for yourself, and that compassion spreads to others.” It is just this profound and gentle simplicity that I hope we’re nurturing here together on the Sunday Spread. A bit of clarity and guidance from our tarot decks along the paths of our complicated lives. 

Thank you so much for this deck and invitation, Maria! The Hip Chicks in this deck are definitely folks I want to spend some more time with!

You can find Hip Chick Tarot for sale HERE.




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    • Traci Medeiros-Bagan says:

      You’re so welcome, Maria! I had a lot of fun with the Hip Chicks and look forward to spending more time with them! 🙂

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