Introducing the Vision of the Muse Oracle Deck

Many of you will be familiar with Alejandra Leon’s distinctive, opulent collage work via her first deck, the Lioness Oracle Tarot. For lovers of this beautiful work, great news! Alejandra has created an oracle deck (fundraising on Kickstarter now.) In today’s post, she introduces the project.

Introducing the Vision of the Muse Oracle Deck

I began collaging the artwork for Vision of the Muse almost the moment I was finished with The Lioness Oracle Tarot. I knew that after committing to the 78 cards of the Tarot, I wanted to create a free form Oracle deck. So, I continued with my usual collage routine: lighting incense and candles, making a pot of tea, putting on my favorite music, and sitting down to collage.

It is customary for me to just let whatever wants to come through, to come through. It was even this way with the Tarot deck for the most part. Obviously when I got down to the last few cards of that deck, I knew that I was looking for a certain message and energy. With the oracle deck, even more freedom was allowed, for I did not have to adhere to a certain system. So truly with Vision of the Muse, the 33 images all came through organically.

At first I did not know how many cards would be in the deck. As a Numerologist, numbers are important to me. Many oracle decks have 44 cards in them. We can thank Doreen Virtue for this, as she connects successions of 4’s with energy of Angels. This is undoubtedly beautiful, and I almost went that route, but I decided to go with 33. I associate 3’s with Goddess energy, divine feminine energy, and abundance. Think The Empress card in the Tarot. So, when this deck is used, this Empress vibe will totally come through.

Collages in their original format.

I stuck with using one word to describe the message of each card. There will be a guidebook included with the deck, that will further explain the meaning of the card. Of course this deck will work wonderfully with the intuitive nudges of the reader.

Vision of the Muse came to me because I saw this deck as a helper and a guide.

The idea of a Muse is that it comes to help you create whatever you need to create. It gives you the ideas and inspiration. It wants you to succeed. So this deck has the visions that you may not see yet. It holds the messages that will guide you with your work, your plans, your life.

I am running a Kickstarter to get this deck published right now! Pledging gets you a copy of the deck! All support is greatly appreciated! I really want to get this baby out into the world, and into people’s hands.

Support the Vision of the Muse Kickstarter here!

Thank you for reading. With love,

Alejandra León
The Lioness Oracle

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