Introducing… Danielle Dorsey & her new column Tarotviews

Today I’m excited to introduce wonderful new writer to the LRT family!

I gotta say, Danielle Dorsey has felt like something of a slippery fish to me (sorry Danielle). I’ve spotted her writing popping up here and there on some of my favourite sites – Autostraddle and Wear Your Voice among others – but despite clicking around as I always do when I find a writer I admire, I found it hard to pin her down. Who is this person who writes about tarot and astrology and social justice and manages to be both hilariously, bitingly funny and dead serious and hard-hitting at the same time?

Some folks just have that gift of evading being boxed in. Multipassionate Danielle is one of them.

A wearer of many hats, Danielle has worked as a freelance writer, event organiser, editor and publicist…among other roles. She’s also a professional tarot reader! And I’m beyond happy to announce that she will be bringing a regular column, Tarotviews, to Little Red Tarot. Tarotviews will examine the intersections of shadow work and travel, via tarot cards.

I know!!

In advance of her new column, I asked Danielle to share with you what she’s bringing to Little Red Tarot. Please give her a warm welcome in the comments!

Hi Danielle! Could you introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m Danielle, known by tarot clients as Mademoiselle Danielle. I’m an LA-based freelance writer, intuitive tarot reader, and yogi. I’m lucky to have a multi-hyphenate career doing what I love and my spare time is usually split between creative writing, tarot, and yoga. I also love live music & traveling whenever possible.

What role does tarot and/or magic play in your life?

Tarot and magic play a huge role in my life. Tarot came into my life at the beginning of my Saturn Return 3.5 years ago and has been by my side ever since. What began as a casual hobby quickly grew into a spiritual practice & service to help others find clarity & healing. Magic has been integral in healing ancestral wounds and helping me find empowerment in a society that constantly devalues my contributions.

Can you introduce your new column and let us know what you’re hoping to bring to our community?

Every experience comes with a lesson and I’ve found this to be especially true for travel. Travel opens our minds to new cultures, customs, and helps put our problems into perspective. My new column Tarotviews will take readers along for my globetrotting adventures and show them how tarot keeps me grounded while traveling abroad. If you’ve ever wished for an inclusive travel column full of witchy resources like esoteric markets, ethical crystal sourcing, sacred ceremonies, festivals, and more, this column is for you!

Tarotviews will begin next week! Meanwhile, you can find all of Danielle’s writing and links on her own website,, or catch her on Twitter and Instagram @danielledorky. Her tarot Instagram is @tarotviews.

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