Happy birthday! A present for you

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

So I made you a present.

It’s a collage! About you and me and us and how I want to have fun with you guys this year.

Here it is:

A collage showing tiny star, moon and sun cards, lightening bolts leaping out of an anatomical heart, a black woman holding a large key, three biblical-looking characters sitting on the ground talking and the words we love you repeated twice. At the bottom is a mountain range and a lake, with a cut-and-paste boat with paper windmills for sails, and the words 'crossing the deep red sea'. The whole collage is stuck onto a piece of ragged musical manuscript.
We love you tarot collage

Why a tarot collage?

It started with a post on Papirmass – an affordable art project which connects people and artists and generally spreads arty love around the world – and Brown Paper Bag, an illustration blog.

Their latest project was the Collage Scrap Exchange. You apply to be part of it, then the lovely Sara Barnes connects you up with another participant elsewhere in the world. You send each other a big bag of scraps for collaging… and off you go!

Photo 18-01-2015 13 36 44

My friend Polly joined in and made her own collages too!

The theme was ‘new landscapes’.

I thought about what new landscapes meant to me. 2015 is set to be a year of traversing new landscapes – literally and figuratively.

There’s the landscape of the USA, which I’ll be traversing later this year on my ta-road trip. There’s the landscape of running my own business – I’m only a couple of years in, I don’t have a map and I’m making this whole thing up as I go along (supported by you guys, of course!) There’s the landscape of tarot – every day, week, month, year, growing more familiar with my cards and learning more about myself in the process.

Best of all, there’s the new landscape of the community we’re building together.

There’s this blog, there’s the questions you send me, there’s the way that we’ve all signed up to this learning journey together. Everyone who visits this website comes here because they’re searching for help with their unique tarot journey. Many of you write to tell me that you are relieved to find something offering an ‘alternative take’ on the cards, a range of perspectives, and the encouragement to reinvent tarot for yourselves, over and over.

You leave messages in the comments, adding your own ideas to the topics I’m writing about. You discover each others’ blogs and befriend each other. You write and tell me about new decks or ideas you’ve had. We talk and learn together. We encourage each other. Tabby writes her astrology posts and we’ve got a whole bunch more of you interested in writing guest posts.

…Not to mention the social network I’m busy building…which I think will be like a big chaotic commune where we can all work and live and talk and practice tarot together!

It’s so exciting! Together, we’re reinventing, re-reading, reinterpreting tarot in new and exciting ways.


That’s the new landscape I’m exploring this year. With you.

And that’s what this collage is all about.

The four elements are there – fire in the lightening, earth in the anatomical heart, water in the lake and air in the windmills propelling our little boat.

The Queen of Swords represents the fact that many of us have come here with hearts to heal or baggage to process. The butterfly (taken from The Wild Unknown‘s Six of Wands) represents our transformations, our emergence from difficult places into new eras in our lives.

The deep red sea is the spiritual journey we’re making together – a shared and individual migration through tarot, the woman with her key is the unlocking of knowledge within each of us.

The three folks talking earnestly are you and me and everyone we know, discussing our ideas about tarot. The mountains are the challenges we face and the music represents our shared and diverse cultural reference points, the stuff we love in our lives which brings us all together but also makes us different.

And there’s that exciting, swirling, mystical rainbow-coloured portal bordered by the three wands (again, from the Wild Unknown Tarot). This represents the potential of beginnings and the excitement of all of our ideas.

As for the reindeer antlers? Well, I just liked them 🙂

Photo 17-01-2015 10 00 43

This was *actually* what it looked like outside the little cabin where I made this.

So yeah. It’s my birthday, and I wanted to say ‘happy birthday’ (and also thank you) to you with this little present.

Hope you like it!

Beth xx

PS – I’ll be 33 if you’re wondering 🙂


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  1. This is so lovely! I just love this idea of a tarot collage. It’s brilliant!

    I wish I lived somewhere super cool in Texas, but I’m just outside some fun cities. Maybe by the time you make it over here I’ll be somewhere else! I’ll just be casually stalking your progress until you’re close to me. 😉

    Gah! I still need to read Tabby’s astrology posts! I’ll do that right after I comment. Prepare for comment overload.

    Happy birthday, lovely!!!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Ashley! I love Texas…though I’ve only been to Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth so far… looking forward to exploring more of it on my trip, it’s one of my favourite US states in my limited experience.

      Comment away – that’s the best birthday pressie you could offer 😀

      • Ahhhh! I’m from Denton, was born in San Angelo, have lived in Dallas and Fort Worth. I currently live in Killeen/Fort Hood. Belton is a charming place. Austin is by far my FAVORITE city, the capital of Texas, their motto is Keep Austin Weird. It’s perfection.

  2. Sarah Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday Beth!! This post was so warm and cozy, it felt like a great big hug. 🙂 It really is amazing to be part of the online tarot community and I so appreciate the space you have created here to help grow that community.

  3. saricchiella says:

    I really love the collage, it’s a bit weird how all the totally different elements come together so nicely 🙂

    And, of course, happy happy birthday ^_^ have a great day tomorrow!

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