Handmade tarot bags to make you swoon

Bobby’s tarot bags caught my eye a couple of weeks ago.

Since then I’ve been clicking back, and clicking back, and clicking back, exploring her ever-growing collection of unique handmade creations, some knitted, some stitched. All utterly stunning.


How did I find her? Bobby left a sweet comment on my blog, out of curiosity I clicked her link, and found myself exploring the tarot-tinted world of another beautiful person. (Have I mentioned how much I bloody love the internet??)


Bobby’s blog, Ragged Poet, is wonderful!

You know when you stumble across someone who is just being so honest and real, so humble and brilliant in their writing, in what they quietly share? That’s what Ragged Poet feels like to me. Look – here she made a wolf’s head! Here she made her own Lenormand oracle deck from a deck of playing cards! And here is the most beautiful piece about her daughter Tabby, and Pride, and support and love for the LGBTQ community.

Yes yes yes I like this blog very much!

But back to the bags.

I love tarot bags. I make my own (here’s the pattern for my simple, adaptable knitted tarot bag), but Bobby’s are something else. Each bag is unique, custom-made to fit and match a specific deck. Just check out the incredible free-embroidery Thoth case above, or this stunning Mary-el Tarot case:


Bobby takes commissions, but her bags aren’t widely advertised and I really want people to know more about this awesome creatrix!

So I’ve put them in my shop!

For real! Look! >>> Go order one!


I also asked Bobby to tell us a little more about her and her bag-making process…

Tell me about yourself!

Born in England, I currently live in my hermitage on New Zealand’s South Island. I share my home with my youngest two children, my two pet goats Moon and Gypsy, and three cats. Right now I am studying for a BA in arts and media, making magical Tarot bags for amazing Tarot readers around the globe and looking after above mentioned earthlings. I often dream of moving back to Blighty, especially at this time of year, when the nights are closing in and winter is on it’s way…

Loves: winter, books, paper, spinach, garlic, goats, toast, David O’Hara’s voice, creativity, my kids, Tabby Polly, Boo and Phoebe and our adorable brand new earthling, Blue, baby of Polly and Yann.

Abhor: Cruelty, animal abuse, intolerance and prejudice of any kind.

I have been using and studying Tarot on and off for all of my adult life, but more seriously for the past ten years. I love Tarot for the artwork, the history and myth surrounding it and the people I have met who are equally passionate about this deck of cards. I use it for guidance and accessing my subconscious, and see it as a valuable part of my everyday life. I also like to use it creatively, when writing and making art.

Is every bag unique?

Yes… I cannot make the same thing twice. I treat each bag as a piece of art, inspired by the person who commissioned it and the deck it is being created for. I use many different methods and materials to fit the clients tastes and requirements.

People email and tell me what they are looking for and we go from there. I work closely with my clients to create the perfect bag for them. I usually share photos of the materials, the  process and the final item to ensure the client is satisfied with their bag.

How long does it take for you to make a custom bag for someone?

To discuss and create the bag usually takes about 2 weeks, postage is on average 7-10 days. Sometimes I can create the bag faster if I am not busy. I once created 12 bags for a very good customer, all totally unique, and this took me about 5 weeks with my other life obligations. During college holidays turnaround is much faster.

Which is your own favourite tarot deck? And does it have a case (need I ask!)?

This is the toughest question to answer…! I have so many decks I love, but I think Patrick Valenza’s deviant Moon Tarot, The Wild Unknown and The Bohemian Gothic will always be among my top three.

Bags…you know what they say about the cobblers wife with no shoes… 🙂

Pull us a card!

Ok I chose a card from The Poets Tarot by Two Sylvia’s Press , which is the deck I currently have by my side. The card I drew is XV – Poe, (see attached image). oddly enough as I shuffled the deck I was thinking of Edgar Allan Poe!

Drawing this card I cannot help but think of The Raven at this time of year, and also Tim Burton’s early movie Vincent. Number 15 is traditionally The Devil card, which is about temptation and being chained to a situation. The Poe card does have a sense of being stuck, and in my own life I think it is possibly about a feeling of being stuck in my situation. It is actually a good thing right now, because I have another year to go before I finish my degree, A year is no time at all, and then I can decide what to do or where to go next.

You can read Bobby’s beautiful blog at raggedpoet.com. She’s on Twitter too, though she doesn’t say much…

Would you like your own custom made tarot bag?

I’m guessing it’s a yes. I certainly do! Lucky for you, Bobby is accepting commissions!

Find out more in the shop, or you can also email her directly at raggedpoet@gmail.com

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  1. chloetarot says:

    Ooh, those bags are stunning! And she does sound like a fascinating person, too 🙂 Will have to think about which deck is in need of a wonderful new home… 😀

    • Beth says:

      Somehow I knew you’d be the first to comment on this one Chloe!! 🙂

      They’re irresistible aren’t they. Even though my Wild Unknown Tarot comes in a very sturdy box, I’ve asked Bobby for a special bag to fit it. I can’t wait to see it…

  2. Jenny Brown says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bobby for many years now. She is without a doubt a special and beautiful person and she will make you a special and beautiful bag made with much love. You will not be disappointed !

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