Getting to know the Slow Holler Tarot

I have to admit, I have been in love with this deck since before I ever touched it.

When it arrived in my mail box last month it felt like I had received a much anticipated love letter. As I unfolded the black and gold hanky from around the cards I could feel their power tingle across my whole body. I immediately felt like I wanted to cry and I chose not to read with the cards for days, until I was ready.

My first reading with this deck was a grief spread from Worts and Cunning Apothecary’s grief work book: By Way of Sorrow. The reading was powerful and clear and woven with gentle tough love. It was like hanging out with a long lost friend who has gained deep wisdom in all their journeys since you last saw each other.

The Slow Holler Tarot can be best described in one word: potent.

The magic is potent. The shadow is potent. The clarity is potent. This deck is moving and dynamic and I feel so so blessed to have a copy of it.

But maybe you have never heard of Slow Holler, so here is some info to get you started.

Slow Holler is collaborative tarot deck created by artists who have queer and southern ties. This deck reminds me of the Collective Tarot deck in many ways. The book that comes with the cards is a similar format to the Collective Tarot’s book and the content of the book holds similar values and creative re-interpretations of the cards.

For anyone who missed out on ordering a Collective Tarot, I would highly recommend Slow Holler.

To give you a sense of the deck I’ve asked it a few questions that we’ve answered here with it’s cards.

What is your magic?

Nine of Vessels – Nine of Cups

The table is set for a spread of your favourite delights. Now it is time to feast. You are deserving of all the goodness gushing into your life.

This deck is like many many cups of warm well steeped tea. It feels like fierce and healthy friendship. Real friendship. Friendship that doesn’t hurt unless it’s helping you heal. Friendship that tells you the truth and loves you deeply and fully for exactly who you are, shadow very much included. This deck is about abundance, resilience, tenderness, warmth and most of all this is a deck about bold adventurous love.

What lies in your shadow?

The World

Be receptive to harmony. Come home Be welcomed back into the fold. Share your gifts with those who love you. Participate in creating the world you want.

I think one of the greatest strengths of this deck is its embrace of shadow. This deck wouldn’t work well for someone who feels called to hang out in the light all the time. The main colours of the deck are black, grey, blood red and gold. This deck feels like it is shadow and I think that is why it so wise. The deck feels like bleeding, warm wind and gold adornment. It also feels like a myceliated forest. It feels like the world. I have pulled this card several times since opening this deck and I didn’t pull it much in my practice before.

What do you offer for those who read with you?

Traveller of Knives – Knight of Swords

Consider new perspectives. Allow your mind to communicate with your heart. Sometimes the truth inevitably hurts. Practice speaking it with the intention to heal.

This deck won’t spare you pain, but what good magical or spiritual practice does? Spiritual and magical work is not about avoiding things that hurt, it’s about understanding why they hurt and finding ways to salve a broken heart. This deck cuts through illusion like a warm knife through butter, but all the while it keeps connected to the heart. Like a sweet but mean mean top you just can’t get enough of.

This card is a good example of how this deck carries itself. I have often had somewhat unpleasant associations with the knight of swords, but with this deck I can feel and see this card’s magic and warmth.

I offer readings with the Slow Holler deck as well as with the Wild Unknown. I’m in the midst of redoing my website and by the end of this month I will be changing and raising the prices for all my services, including reading tarot. Between now and January 28th you can receive a tarot reading for me for $55 CAD for one hour. I look forward to hearing from you. <3



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