Fun tarot activities to keep you busy over the festive period

Reblogged from 2014!

It’s Christmas eve-eve!

I know lots of you are gonna be seriously busy right now, but for some of us there are plenty of sitting-around-doing-nothing moments at this time of year, so here’s a round up of my favourite ‘tarot things to do’ from the past year to keep you busy with your cards over the holiday period!

1. Knit your own tarot bag

Maybe this could even be a last-minute home-made Christmas gift…if you’re a really fast knitter.

It’s super simple (though if you’re a fancy-pants knitter you can totes jazz this up with patterns, intarsia and so on) and you can probably make it in a couple of evenings if you have a good non-subtitled box-set to curl up with.

Here’s the pattern!

Knitted tarot bag

2. Make a tarot mixtape

You know that feeling when you’re listening to a song and suddenly you’re like ‘OMFG IT’S THE TOWER!’ Yep, me too. So how about going through your music collection and matching a song to each of the tarot cards? If that sounds a bit much, just do the major arcana!

I’ve been adding to mine for years, very, very intermittently. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

3. Prepare for a possible non-joyous family dinner

Here’s a tarot spread for those of you who don’t always love every single person around the family dinner table.

4. Learn a little basic astrology

Because why not? Amazing beautiful pink-haired LGBT youth rights activist Tabby Besley has a brilliant beginner-level Astrology series called Astro DIY and it’s brilliant. You could entertain your folks by reading their birth charts! Check out the whole series here.

Bonus activity: When you’ve learned to do that – you could create a hand-drawn natal chart like this one.


5. Try this new year tarot spread

I created this in-depth tarot spread to do at a turning point in your life – for many people, that’s new year! This spread is all about assessing 2014 as it draws to a close, and figuring out your focus for next year.

New Year Tarot Spread
New Year Tarot Spread

6. Play Twitter tarot games

Theresa Reed Tweets a tarot card twice daily with the tags #AMTarot and #PMTarot – it’s super simple. She tells you the card, and you tweet back your interpretation. Such fun!

Even more fun (IMO) is #TarotToo – where there are two cards and you Tweet your interpretations of them as a pair. This is such a good teeny tiny way of practicing reading cards together and getting your head around how two cards interact with each other.

7. Interview your tarot decks

Maybe you’ve just got a new deck, or maybe you’ve dug an old one out from the back of a cupboard. You can use this super-simple six-card tarot spread to find out all about your journey together.


8. Make your own tarot deck

Seriously though. Look! The amazing Juliet is doing just that.

9. Make plans to start a tarot group in your area

If there isn’t a tarot meet-up in your town or city, how about starting one? I did that in Todmorden a few years ago and it’s still going – here’s a short post about what we got up to!

10. Do a little business/project planning

This ‘four elements of your business’ spread is designed to look at the earth, air, fire and water of your business, so you can figure out which are stronger and which need more attention.

Or try this SWOT Analysis spread to help you figure out the pros and cons of an upcoming project.

Or you could just… make this delicious drink

Bring in a tray of steaming mugs on boxing day night and then offer everyone a one card reading. COSY.

Hot milk


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