Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Stones, sparkles, fire

On my thighs
Stones, sparkles, fire

Page of Stones
I am ready for adventures
My inner world is mine to explore
I can walk for miles
To sustain my passion
Each step brings me closer to
My truth

My thighs are round
They are flexible
I can bend and touch the ground
With ease
I can stretch my will
I can dream big
With the stones under my feet
I am grounded

Fat thighs mean
It means there must be
Some fabric between them
Or they will burn
They will dig crevices
Deep deep deep

And the sharp adventures
Dancing in the 2 of Stones
Will end up carving fissures
Too dangerous to cross

I am fond of walking
I am terrified of long roads
The paths paved with obstacles
10 of Stones

There’s inflammation in my joints
So much fire
The smoke becomes a fog
And the destination
The sense of purpose
Gets lost
In confusion

The stones

Images via: Alice Impellizzeri
Deck featured: The Wooden Tarot

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  1. Emily says:

    Cathou, I’ve been following your column on here since the start, I love it! That last photo is PERFECT, the juxtaposition of fat and flexibility and shorts worn as protection but not hidden away, ahhh. So good to see bodies like mine out in the world.

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