Your to-do list – Eight of Wands

Powerful, energetic, direct, and full-on.

The Eight of Wands represents a bunch of different things to me, all of which feel really relevant today.

NB – I’m excited to have drawn today’s card from The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro – hot off the press, this stunning new deck arrived last night and I can’t wait to get stuck in! Watch out for a full review shortly.


From The Fountain Tarot


It represents the sharing of ideas, the communication of thoughts – a letter sent, a website, social media, a poster, a blog post. It’s publicity, marketing, making your voice heard, putting your message out there.

Loose ends

I often find this card is about wrapping up projects already started. The Rider-Waite-Smith version shows the ends of eight wands – quite literally ‘endings’. Eight wands, eight projects – that’s a lot to have on your plate and this card can be a warning that you’re heading towards the tiredness of the Nine of Wands or overwhelm of the Ten. Do yourself a favour and wrap up your current projects before starting anything new.


From the Anna K Tarot and the Kitty Kahane Tarot


Whilst the Eight of Wands can represent one key message, it can also show a whole load of ideas suddenly reaching you. It’s important to get clear here, to be able to see which ideas are the important ones and which are just noise.


This card is so dynamic – there are almost always wands flying through the air, messages being delivered, something being ‘sent out’. It’s a concept business writer Seth Godin calls ‘shipping’ – the moment you take initiative and make something real from an idea, the moment you actually put it out there.

In The Ship It Journal, Godin asks you to give your product (where product could be a commercial item you’ve made, the delivery of a project, a presentation, a blog post – whatever! It’s the culmination of your work, basically) a deadline, a shipping date. It’s about getting serious, saying ‘this is worth it’ and then doing it.

It takes guts to act. But it’s vital that you do.


From the Shadowscapes Tarot and the Tarot of the Cat People

All of this is important to me today.

I’ve spent the past few days settling back into home life after two months off. There’s a lot buzzing round in my head, I’ve got to-do lists in each of the four notebooks on my desk and a strong urge to adapt the way that I work. The Eight of Wands encourages me to aim for clarity, to focus first on what I’ve already started, to share my work with others, and to have a plan in place that means I can complete current projects before starting new ones.

More specifically, I know it’s telling me to jump back into the social network I’m working on – which has recently stalled – and get that up and running before diving headfirst into the twenty-plus other ideas vying for my time and attention.

I’m grateful for this card’s strictness today. I really wanted somebody (or something) to give me this kind of clarity, this kind of helpful but firm instruction.


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  1. nikkiana says:

    I may have shrieked aloud when I saw that your card of the day was from The Foundation Tarot. I just met Jonathan, Jason and Andi at Reader’s Studio in New York this past weekend. Such wonderful people AND such a beautiful deck.

    And I’ll be writing my todo list for today momentarily. 😉

  2. Elisabeth says:

    My card for the day too and so glad to read your take on it. Also came up in my New Moon reading and Ethony suggested that it is also about impatience and wanting things to be a certain way within a certain time. So spot on! I too have so many ideas and things floating around in my head-need to make that to do list and wrap up stuff already in motion. This is an awesome energy.

    • Beth says:

      Wow, yes – love that interpretation. I can really relate this card to that kind of impatient perfectionism. Good luck tackling your to-do list 🙂

  3. I love The Fountain deck and loved meeting the three folks who created it, while I was at Readers Studio this week (talk about the most adorable group in all ways!). I have done some great readings with it that people were really happy with and am thrilled to have it to offer readings with now.

      • It feels both modern and spacious to me, and also rooted in the RWS tradition, so I am able to use it without vast confusion (like some inventive decks I have run into and keep aside for private use since I want to check their books for the nuances), plus it appeals to those open to the new or interested in modern, or just those attracted to the feel and look of it. The book is beyond gorgeous with its silver hologram, and that, with the feel of movement (like on the cover of the little book), is intriguing to me too, and to those I have shown it to. I was so pleased to scoop up a deck before they sold that batch out.

  4. Tango says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by the 8 of Wands. The RWS card appears deceivingly simple–just 8 wands and a mostly empty landscape, no structures or creatures–which I always took as a glaring sign of a multitude of meaning. [The simplest of signs tend to be the most polysemic.] Sometimes this card feels more overwhelming than the 10; this post brings a bit of relief to that, haha.

    Also, also. The sentence “It takes guts to act.” resonated with other things I’d been mulling over and led to a wonderful ~Aha!~ moment. So thanks for that! ;D

    • Beth says:

      Yes! About simplicity signifying hidden depths. That’s very much how I feel about the Wild Unknown Tarot, and also the Fountain Tarot, which I’ll be sharing much more of soon. The images manage to be both rich and stark at the same time – the richness arousing curiosity and the starkness making lots of space for intuition to get to work.

      And yeah – I agree that this card can be one of the most overwhelming. With the Ten it’s like ‘well now look, you’re gonna have to put down some of those wands’ whereas with the Eight there’s not that ‘permission’, it’s just ‘waaaaaaaaaa so much to do!!!’


  5. Kayla says:

    SQUEE! Fountain tarot! I’m worried my orders didn’t go through 🙁 . I ordered two decks and I never got any email confirmation on them. Hoping all turns out well and they show up in my mailbox soon. So exciting!!

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