Dynamic passivity: The Magician and the High Priestess


Last week, I wrote a little about ‘Skye time’, the prevailing idea here that rules that things happen when the time is right and no sooner. I’m learning to embrace the idea, but I confess I find it difficult, as a person who likes to plan and organise and make things happen myself.

This morning I lit a candle, suffled my Laughing Eye, Weeping Eye Tarot (a beautiful, simple self-published deck by Rebecca Schoenecker) and drew a card.

Number one: The Magician.


Cherry wood lightening bolt created by Sara Blackthorne

I rolled my eyes. No use gazing at that right now – I’m trying to learn to stand back and roll with it, right?

I drew another card and laid it beside the Magician. It was card 2: The High Priestess.


Well. What a pair. One fast-moving, manifesting, whizz-bang and done. The other stock-still, so still they can watch secret, inner processes.

Both are magic, that’s for sure. Both are tapping into something greater than themselves to create their special powers.

The Magician is a symbol of potential. Fuelled by fire, they can make anything happen, through sheer force of will, plus a little extra help from the Universe. You give out your request, with integrity and courage, and you get your answer, your magic.

Magician and high priestess tarot

The High Priestess, as guardian of the subconscious, is as mysterious as the moon. And yet there’s so much potential here too. The potential for new depths of discovery, for unlocking secrets hidden within ourselves. Once again, there’s a request. You go to the High Priestess with the willingness to see what they hold. Again, you give out your request, with integrity and courage, and you receive your answer, your magic.


No, I’ve never bought this idea that the High Priestess represents ‘passivity’.

Together, these two sequential cards remind me that even when observing Skye time, even when slowed almost to a standstill I’m undergoing dynamic processes, and seeing dynamic processes happening all around me. I’m witnessing the birth of spring, the pushing through of new life, new growth, new magic from the earth. I’m observing myself change, learning new things about how I interact with others, leadership, when to push and when to hold back, how to hold space when it’s up to me to hold it. And it’s all here because I asked for it.

It’s anything but passive.

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  1. SJ says:

    (This post feels so soft and restful. I can’t comment without parentheses, because I feel like I’m sharing a secret. The secret being that I love this post and the peace exuding from it.)

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