Coven Verse | We are all made witches, by Ellie Wiseman

Coven Verse is a new series on Little Red Tarot, sharing witchy and magical poetry from our community and beyond. Want to submit a poem? Send it to

We are all made witches

We are all made witches through our Otherness
An inability to conform to the patriarchal propaganda
Which denies the power woven by femme fingers,
queer tongues, and rippling across skin a hundred shades of not-white

We are the descendants of the ones you did not burn
And with every tarot card pulled
With every candle lit
A curse on your hegemony,
A hex on your kingdoms,
Your empires to ruin

We are rising in a wave
Drawn up by mother moon
And when it breaks, then you will know
Why they feared us in centuries before

Ellie Wiseman

Eleanor is a queer, femme-witch and single mama living just south of her Celtic homeland, in North West England. She makes zines, writes poetry and takes pictures of herself in her underwear on instagram as @hedorahelix. You can find her creatrix work at @lilithites, a feminist sexuality and spirituality space and publication in the making.

Photo via the Spirit Stock Network. Model Kayla Carter, photographer Fonna Seidu

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