Coven Verse | Next to the Divine, by YaliniDream

Next to the Divine

if every raised hand were
a tender call,
each roar from the sky
simply a passing spring storm,
each flash in the night
a firefly,

And each body pressed against another
was actually meant to comfort and warm…

If the world were absent of violence and war,

we’d think of fear as a delicious thing
that tickles the breast bones from within.

Like the flutter that comes
before breath turns to song
or the quickening beats of a
heart slowly falling in love.

Fear would be skin prickling
at the sound of truth confessed,
thunder so enormous it cracks in your chest.

if each flash in the night were a firefly
fear would simply be
the feeling
that sits
next to the Divine.

By YaliniDream

Yalini conjures spirit through her unique blend of poetry, theater, song, and dance; reshaping reality and seeking peace through justice in the lands of earth, psyche, soul, and dream. She is an international touring performing artist who has presented performances and facilitated meetings, workshops, trainings, retreats, and intensives internationally in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America as well as at numerous universities.

Yalini consults with Vision Change Win, working nationally with groups and organizations fighting for justice including the Arab American Association of New York, Borealis Philanthropy, BreakOUT! Youth, Dalit Women Fight, Jewish Voice for Peace, Muslim Arc, the North Star Fund, the Transgender Law Center, Voices for Racial Justice, and more.  Yalini is also an Arts & Wellness specialist with EM Arts; teaches “Social Justice Pedagogy and the Arts” at University of San Francisco; and tours internationally with her partner, Jendog Lonewolf, as part of the Hip Hop Storytelling Duo Brooklyn DreamWolf.

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