Coven Verse | 18. The Moon & 20. Judgement, by Catherine Fahey

Coven Verse is an ad-hoc Sunday night poetry series on Little Red Tarot, sharing witchy and magical writing from our community and beyond. Want to submit a poem? Send it – along with a brief bio – to

18. The Moon

At Luna’s All-Nite Diner
the chefalopod serves up Eggs Prophetic,
8 arms cooking in short order while
blending coffee beans with moonbeams.
Who’s hungry? The owl-eyed waitress
recommends the Introspection
Special: a warm blanket and the best
waffles and whipped dreams
this side of Mare Tranquillitatis.
The jukebox plays “Only the Good Die
Jung.” For a penny, change it to “Silent
All These Years” or “Nightswimming”
Chamomile tea spreads truth in steam;
on Mondays, lycanthropes eat free.

20. Judgement

I fucked up. I ran
that red light. I forgot
cat food. I called you
an asshole for leaving
the seat up. I didn’t
pay the cable bill on time.

I called out sick when
I wasn’t. I crossed
the street to avoid
that guy. I pretended…

to call
to come
to listen
to care

Catherine Fahey

Catherine Fahey is a poet and librarian from Salem, Massachusetts. When she’s not reading and writing, she’s knitting or dancing. You can read more of her work at

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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