Community link love: part 2

In which we all gape in wonderment at each others’ brilliance.

Here’s the second installment in my gradual roundup of every link you’ve sent me! 11 more brilliant blogs and wonderful websites for your enjoyment.

Add your links in the comments too – let’s call this a shameless self-promotion series 🙂


Your challenge?

Go to at least two of these blogs, read something and leave a comment. Bloggers *LOVE* comments – go make someone’s day 🙂

Soussia Photography

Soussia’s stunning portfolio on Facebook.

Astrowl Tarot

The tarot blog of Jenna, a 17-year-old living in Wisconsin.


Sophie’s Tumblr blog, full of striking illustrations.

Willow Merrymoon

My dear friend Willow’s tarot website, with a monthly tarotscope forecast and other fun stuff.

Two Sides Tarot

Marianne’s thoughtful and well-written tarot website and blog.


A lackadaisical young spoony from Brighton on Twitter.

Top Tent Tarot

A funcircus-flavoured tarot blog by Trine.

The Tarot Lady

Theresa’s tarot business website, with loads of resources for professional and hobby readers.

The Modern Curio

Chris’s website, with a growing collection of resources for holistic living.

Teawoman Tarot

A blog about tarot in everyday life.

Tarot Seed

Jess’s tarot website and blog, frequently using The Collective Tarot.


Get clicking! Go read some blogs and leave some comments. And let us know here which ones you liked.

Got a cool website? Add your link below so we can all take a peek 🙂



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