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I normally share link roundups in my newsletter email type thing, but since heading out on my ta-road trip across the US I’ve not had much time to write to y’all.

I’ll be in touch soon – there’s some very cool stuff happening. As in: the awesome alternative tarot social network I was building and then got stumped by an unforeseen tech issue!

It’s back on track and coming soon!!

So if you’re not signed up to my mailing list you should get on that right now and I’ll let you know when it’s launching. Woot!

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Meanwhile here’s a bunch of stuff I think you should read…

What happened when the pledge of allegiance was read in Arabic at one school as part of foreign languages week.

My love, Emma, blogged her tarot reading and my heart burst with love.

Sex toys made from crystals. I’M NOT EVEN JOKING. (Thanks Emily!)

The Slow Holler Tarot project officially launched last Friday (with an amazing party I’ll write up soon!) – give whatever you can to make this amazing queer-led tarot deck happen here.

If you missed it, I interviewed Slow Holler creator/organiser E Henderson! Lots of lovely pictures to get you excited…

Kaeti Gugiu writes this fantastic Tuesday tarot series on COM | Passionate Revolt – I loved this post about the Ace of Keys from The Collective Tarot.

Kiva Bay is making feminist/magic gaming cards! You can follow her progress on Twitter  @KivaBay where she regularly posts new illustrations. They’re amazing.

Autostraddle started a self-empoloyed/business column – hurrah!! All kinds of hookups for all kinds of freelancers and small business owners.

Also on Autostraddle – the binder to end all binders, recommended by Ali Osworth.

Chani Nicholas’ horoscopes for this week… always amazing (you should subscribe to her newsletter).

Kristen on creating your own charm-casting oracle (I’m so so so going to do this!!)

Thorn the Witch on taking a break from ‘the community’.

A student midwife I happen to know caught her first baby! …and unsurprisingly had some thoughts and feelings about it all – especially the language of ‘delivering’ babies.

Osa Atoe, creator of Shotgun Seamstress, on punk, race and feminism and why she started her zine.

Take a good 20 minutes out of your day, sit back and read Full Pussy Mooning – an incredible ode to lunar sexuality through a lens of queerness and disability. You won’t regret this. Stunning.

Thoughts on gentrification in Portland and the US in general.

Chloe’s been reading with these cute little tarot disks this week – check them out.

And finally… The Wild Unknown and Galaxytone collaborated to make an Android app!!


Believe it baby.

Have fun guys 🙂

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