Learning to commit – Knight of Pentacles

It’s time for some real commitment.

Those who know me well know that I’ve always got some new scheme on the go. It’s not that I’m not happy in the moment, or that I can’t stick to one thing. It’s more that I just love the process of planning and plotting and mapping! I’m an ideas person and I like to dream up new schemes all the time. But right now, I know it’s time to do things well – with passion, yes, but also with a real committed work ethic.

Knight of Pentacles tarot cardThe Knight of Pentacles showed up today to remind me of this.

This is particularly pertinent considering I drew The Fool last week in a quick Beltane reading. Work does not do itself, it is performed (hopefully) with love. New homes do not simply *happen*, they are sought, fought for, moved to, created. Projects do not complete themselves – it is down to me, or down to you, to see them through. The excitement of the new, the novelty of the latest scheme, wears off, and then we are left with the actual work needed to make this happen.

Does that sound boring? I used to think of the Knight of Pentacles as a quiet, plodding, not-very-interesting kind of a card – slowly moving forwards on her horse, getting the job done without ceremony. But that does a disservice to the suit of pentacles, which, for me, are so much about finding magic in every day life. More than any other suit, Pentacles (and the element of earth) seem to represent being present in the moment, about experiencing sensual life in the here and now.

Far from being boring, today the Knight of Pentacles teaches me to imbue my work with love and magic.

To be present in every task. Although she is certainly concerned with goals and moving steadily towards something in the future, the stillness in this card encourages me to enjoy each element of my work for its own sake. Commitment is beautiful. The way the knight holds her pentacle, gazing at it lovingly, feeling its power, shows me that my work is a beautiful thing and a conscious choice. I have set my own goals and I am proud of these. I am committed to these. Now, also, I can be proud of each small step towards them.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I think the everyday life is where the most beautiful magic can be found. For me it is also difficult to commit. mainly because I forget how enthusiastic I was when I started in the first place or to be honest because just don’t want to do it anymore. For me things like meditation, physical exercise and making art are my main stumble blocks. So I could do with her earthy energy as well.
    (Btw I love that you call this knight “her”. Never thought of doing that :))

    • Little Red says:

      “I think the everyday life is where the most beautiful magic can be found.”
      Yeah! What’s the point in magic if it’s not here, in our lives, in our hands, in our senses?

      Unless you feel that you absolutely never see anything through, I think hey let’s not beat ourselves up about the projects we abandon. Everyone does it, that’s okay! I know from about five billion personality tests that I’m a starter not a finisher. I’m done worrying about that. I finish enough things to feel my life is full of exciting awesome projects…I bet you do to Ellen 😀

      “You know all of my secret ideas
      The ones I’m giving up on and the one’s I’ll keep”

      Mirah, Sweepstakes Prize

      …but right now, for me, I have to see through a couple of things I’ve started. I love the Knight of Pentacles for showing up just when I need her and helping me to commit to just these things.

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