By Luke Dani Blue

Star-Crossed is a series about astrology and relationships in which Luke Dani Blue offers quick and dirty guides to the stars to help us all become better lovers, friends, and/or partners.

Star-Crossed: The North Node is the arrow that points to your heart

A new astrology column in which Luke Dani Blue offers quick and dirty guides to the stars to help us all become better lovers and/or partners. This month: your north node! Read more

Star-Crossed: Loving through your Lunar Return

In love, the Moon shows how we give and receive nurturing, as well as the basic stuff that makes us happy or at least comfortable in our day-to-day lives. Read more

Star-Crossed: Is your Venus polyamorous?

If you’re poly, or want to be, your Venus sign offers advice for making it work! Read more

Star Crossed: When your Pluto’s got trust issues

For people with Pluto strong in their birth charts, betrayal isn’t a one-time life lesson—it’s the story that repeats over and over, undermining your ability to trust. Read more

Star-Crossed | The Moon: AKA the cuddly planet

Venus gets the credit, but is the Moon the real planet of love? Read more

Star-Crossed | The Moon is for lovers: Living with your lunar self

The more difficulty you have with your Moon (aka feelings), the more likely the stage of moving in together will make you freak. Read more

The Moon: Your lunar intimacy style

Understanding what you need and what you’re capable of giving is the secret sauce of close relationships. Read more

Star-Crossed | Mars & Venus do drag: The astrology of gender roles

Some of us – regardless of gender identity or sex – are more Martian than Venusian, and that’s healthy and appropriate for us. Read more

Star-Crossed | Put down that sword, baby: (Queer) love on the planet Mars

The trouble with Mars – and with Mars, there’s always a little trouble – is knowing when to stop. And when to start. Read more

Star-Crossed | Ditch the FOMO, Love the drama: Venus-Mars relationships

Romantic FOMO (fear of missing out) happens to the best of us, but shows up with a vengeance to people with hard Venus-Mars aspects. Read more

Star-Crossed | Your many 7th house selves

Your 7th house can explain why you’ve dated so many space cadets who won’t wash their dishes, or why you choose the kind of friends who ghost when crisis hits. Luke Dani Blue explains all. Read more

Star-Crossed | As Saturn returns: Outgrowing your 20s

As difficult as it is to let go, the Saturn return marks a chance to define your life on your own terms. Strength and resilience take the place of fear, helping the Saturnian perfectionist understand that risk and failure are necessary. Read more

Star-Crossed | Romantic Neptune: Fantasy boyfriends & breakups from hell

With Neptune, beauty and pain come mixed together. But that doesn’t mean Neptune-dwellers are doomed to suffer in love, much as that might fit their romantic self-image. Read more

Get to know…Luke Dani Blue (& their dog)

“I think when change means loosening the locks on our internal cages, it feels like freedom and relief. Any homo who’s come out to themselves or trans person who finally got hormones knows what that’s like.” Read more