Ritual & Honey

Ritual & Honey: Seeking lineage in ancestral reverence

“Where do you return to in your spiritual practice? Where do you find space to begin again?” Asali shares some guidance and a simple ritual for ancestral work. Read more

Ritual & Honey: For Casting Away

There are memories, pains, bonds, and habits that once broken, shed, and buried must be left where they are for the universe to transform, not us. Read more

Ritual & Honey: Reaching back for ourselves

“Our past selves refuse to be put away in the dark, fading on a forgotten shelf, or crushed in an old shoebox.” Read more

Ritual & Honey: A caregiver’s tarot journey

“What does your caregiver’s tarot ritual look like? What cards keep showing up in the light and shadow of your caregiver’s journey?” Read more

Ritual & Honey: Grief journeys

“On the grief journey, the veil is thinned just like it would be on Samhain and every word we speak is a word of power.” Read more

Ritual & Honey | The Magician from within

A reminder that you are both the Magician and the site of ritual. Read more

Ritual & Honey | Herbal Allies for Grief

If we pay attention we realize we’ve been grieving a lot longer than we’ve been awake. The grieving never stops, never ceases, only its form and expression changes.
Loss is change. Grief is change. God is change. Read more

Ritual & Honey | A healer’s work in the riot

Asali shares suggestions for healers who want to push back against the darkness of social atrocities, from dreaming to speaking, donating to working your unique magic. Read more