My Business is a Garden

My business is a garden, not a line

I want Little Red Tarot to be an anticapitalist business and here are some of my initial ramblings about that. Read more

Grandmother, Witch & Shadow: Lessons on leadership from the Tarot of the Crone

“She weaves individual strands into a tapestry, creating common ground and common cause.” Read more

A tarot reading: Fumbling towards leadership

I used the Bridge tarot spread to gain perspective on my current journey towards stepping up and showing up. Read more

What does a feminist business look like? Exploring ‘abundance consciousness’

Can abundance be its own economy? Read more

The Garden | What does a leader do?

Because it’s not about soapboxes or knowing the One Right Way. Leadership is an ongoing practice of humility. Of service. Read more

The Garden | What are our Guiding Values?

These are the values that guide me in making decisions about Little Red Tarot, what we do, how we do it, and the bigger picture; our mission and aims. Read more

The Garden | How do we respond to oppression in our communities?

What is the most progressive, most healing, most honest, most accountable thing we can do right now, to tackle white supremacy within our own community? Read more

The Garden | My business needs a life of its own

I’m still struggling with disentangling my *self* from my work, but this tarot reading and visualisation helped a lot! Read more

Evolution …& the end of an era for Little Red Tarot

The Little Red Tarot Blog is winding down at the end of October. Here are some of my feelings and reasons Read more

The Garden | Social Capital & platform ownership

Social Capital is an intangible economy of power and access that exists between community members. How can we be accountable to this as business owners who rely on social capital to make a living? Read more

The Garden | 103 ways to build a feminist online tarot shop

What kinds of attitudes and practices can help us craft feminist, anticapitalist online businesses? 103 ideas. Read more

Introducing… my new website!

It’s a simple, heartfelt offering of the work I want to be doing right now – with you, with our WitchyQueer community, with the owners of tiny spiritual businesses in this big, chaotic world. Read more