Heathen’s Journey

By Siri Vincent Plouff

In Heathen’s Journey, Siri shares their journey of reclaiming Norse spiritual heritage, and explores the Runes one by one.

Releasing into Norse practice: The beginning of a heathen’s journey

“I know that I can find the divine feminine. But she’s wilder, she’s been buried deep underground, frozen in the permafrost. I could use a little wild in my life.” Abbie introduces her new column, Heathen’s Journey. Read more

Heathen’s Journey: An explanation of the runes & how to use them

Abbie answers questions regarding the origins and current uses of runes of nordic practice, and shows you how to make your own! Read more

Heathen’s Journey: An initiation ritual for learning the runes

Trek to the tree. Find the Norns. Connect with Odin. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Combating hate through inclusive heathenry part 1

What can one heathen do in the face of this recent, racist history? Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Combating hate through inclusive heathenry part 2

We learn from the wisdom of our ancestors, but we also learn from their mistakes. Read more

Heathen’s Journey: Redefining wealth with Fehu

Fehu is often interpreted as wealth or property. Immediately, this radical witch gets the willies. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Uruz: Understanding creative masculinity

If Uruz is associated with an ancient, matronly cow figure – why is this rune considered ‘masculine’? Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Thurisaz for protection and shadow work

Thurisaz is an advanced energy that interacts with and combats chaos on both an internal and external level. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Invoking the Allfather with Ansuz

Ansuz transforms our experiences from nameless things to stories we can tell. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | What’s the difference between tarot and runes?

Stepping back from the Futhark alphabet, let’s discuss how the runes are used. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | A rune poem borne of sacred rage

The seethe-witch sinks to her knees, grounding, centering, releasing.
Anger, when unexamined, is dangerous.
Sacred rage is an arrow to what needs changing Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Guidance for the journey with Raidho

Like the Chariot card in tarot, Raidho is a rune for moving forward in the areas of career, vocation, and spiritual calling. It can also guide you towards the spirit realm, and your familiar. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Kenaz lights the torch

“Kenaz creates warmth, but it also protects you.” In the latest instalment of Heathen’s Journey, Abbie explores the energy and messages of the Kenaz rune. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Gyfu: Gifts for the collective

Gyfu is one of my favorite runes, because it is in this rune where we can start to crack open and get to the soft underbelly of heathenry. Read more

Heathen’s Journey | Wunjo & the sacred rebellion of joy

“A lot of people (myself included) often think of happiness like ‘I’ll know it when I see it.’ But – what does happiness feel like?” Abbie explores the rune for joy. Read more