Heal & Harm

By Sabrina Scott

Heal & Harm is a no-bullshit column by Sabrina Scott. Released every two weeks to honour the full and new moons, the column affirms the old as hell phrase “a witch who can’t harm can’t heal,” and oscillates between summoning good vibes and releasing pain.

Heal & Harm | Releasing trauma with little rituals

I fear that I would be physically unsafe were I to press charges. So what do I do? Where do I turn? Witchcraft. Read more

Introducing… Sabrina Scott & their column Heal & Harm

Get to know artist, illustrator and witch Sabrina Scott and their new column, which looks at radical magic and healing with ritual. Read more

Heal & Harm | Building a self-love altar

Have you made an altar to honour your brilliance and your love for yourself? If not, why? Read more

Heal & Harm | Finding what needs mourning

Sometimes what we need to mourn – really truly – is not an ancestor who is deceased, not a fleshy body made bone, but a version or vision of ourselves, a fantasy we held about ourselves or our future. Read more

Heal & Harm | Getting permission to die

Death shows us what happens when you come out the other side – pain, hope, transformation. Read more

Heal & Harm | The ethics of retreat, part 1

Are you romanticizing the not-home? What stops you from retreating at-home, or at least in your city or neighbourhood? What might it mean to retreat in daily life? Read more

Heal & Harm | The ethics of retreat, part 2

People retreat to ‘get away from it all’ and I think it is worth magnifying this ‘it’ – what exactly is being escaped? Read more

Heal & Harm | (Re)turning to mourn

For today’s new moon we revisit mourning: with some thought, poem, and ritual.

Read more

Heal & Harm | Morning coffee and little rituals

Each small ritual is part of a bigger picture, a cumulative relationship with ourselves and with our spirit and our environment. Read more

Heal & Harm | Mothering Myself as the Queen of Swords

To cut off abusers is to be the Queen of Swords. To take care of ourselves by cutting off communication, and not necessarily dramatically. Sometimes there is nothing more to be said, and the most powerful statement is said with silence. Read more

Heal & Harm | What to do when you can’t read tarot for yourself

“I am scared of interpreting the cards in a way that supports only what I want to hear.” Sabrina explores some alternatives to self-reading. Read more

Heal & Harm | How death changes the Death card

Sometimes there’s an explanation to it and sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes death is just death. How do we incorporate these very visceral, physical, and deeply material experiences of literal death into the Death card when its presence greets us in a reading?   Read more

Heal & Harm | Public feelings & dark days with the King of Cups

To feel feelings deeply is a form of expertise: hard won, gained over time through practice and intention. This card has big emotions, thick like the ocean. And it has just as many gifts for us, just as much solace, just as much beauty. Read more