Fat Tarot

Fat Tarot is written by Cathou, a queer and feminist activist and artivist based in Belgium.

In Fat Tarot, Cathou combines fat liberation with queer tarot perspectives, offering an invitation to understand and resist bodily norms in tarot. 

Fat Tarot | Queering tarot in a fat liberation perspective

How can bodily norms inform the way one might queer tarot? And what does queer actually mean to me as a fat tarot reader? Read more

Introducing… Cathou & her column Fat Tarot

Get to know Cathou and her brilliant new column, which examines body representations in the tarot. Read more

Fat Tarot | More than a metaphor: Understanding fatphobia

Why is fat usually a symbol for something else in tarot & oracle decks? Well first, we need to understand how fatphobia is ingrained in our minds & lives. Read more

Fat Tarot | Much more than a token: Fat folks in tarot & oracle decks

There is hope. We can learn from fatphobic bias in decks to build a fat-friendly tarot community. Read more

Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Releasing the Magician and the Moon

Tarot is no mere mirror of the soul, it is a total experience: a powerful experience, a fat experience, a fluid experience. Read more

Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Cycles

My menstruation cycle synchronised with the lunar month. It is weird, unexpected, challenging and fulfilling. Read more

Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Embodying the High Priestess

How to embody a High Priestess who channels stories, instead of storing them inside her own body. Read more

Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Stones, sparkles, fire

Page of Stones, I am ready for adventures. My inner world is mine to explore. Read more