Dark Days

By Wren McMurdo

Published every dark moon, Wren’s Dark Days column explores tarot and ritual practice from a space of solitary self-reflection.

Dark Days: The new moon in Leo

This dark moon, Wren McMurdo is inspired by the Strength card, via a story of bravery and compassion by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Read more

Dark Days: New moon in Leo (part 2)

“I feel like I’m about to be born again this dark moon, like I’ll peck my way out of an egg. It feels good and energetic, and also a little scary. I’m not alone in this feeling.” Read more

Dark Days: New moon in Virgo

“As witches, we have inherited a healing practice and a duty to guard nature, the elements and the spiritual realm on Earth. Our work is never complete. It’s always a practice. Tarot cards offer us guidance in our craft.” Read more

Dark Days: New moon in Libra

Tarot cards pair beautifully with an intuitive practice of interpreting dreams. Try these tricks for an enhanced dream-divinatory experience! Read more

Dark Days: Dark moon in Scorpio

Wren McMurdo shares notes on a few swords cards this new moon in Scorpio, along with guidance for creating a mindfulness map inspired by the King of Swords Read more

Dark Days: A Tarot Christmas Carol

Wren explores the cast of A Christmas Carol through the tarot’s major arcana. Read more

Dark Days | A spell for the dark moon in Capricorn

Wren McMurdo shares a step-by-step spell to encourage a feeling of accomplishment, replenish a sacred space, and fill your home with magical aromas while warming your soul and easing stress. Read more

Dark Days | Discovering your child self through tarot

Taking time with your inner child allows a chance to step through time and provide that which was desperately needed but not received. Read more

What’s in my tarot bag? Things you might not think to bring to a client reading

Wren is embracing Tarot as a lifestyle at this dark moon in Pisces. Read more

Wren McMurdo on the creation of the Dark Days Tarot

“Magic was something I discovered about myself” Artist and deck creator Wren on her journey to creating her own tarot deck. Read more

Dark Days | The numbers in tarot

Wren McMurdo shares a quick and handy guide to the meanings of the numbers in tarot. Read more

Dark Days | Exploring sacred masculinity through Tarot

This new moon in Gemini, Wren shows us how to “develop life-empowering associations for each of the Kings in the Tarot, and consider them outfits hanging in your very own proverbial gender closet.” Read more

Dark Days | Solitary tarot to the rescue

The simple act of sitting down with my Tarot cards allowed me to find myself again when I was feeling particularly swept up by the energy of my community. I was able to make grounded observations while staying connected to that energy. Read more

Dark Days | Q&A with Wren McMurdo

Wren answers some common questions about her tarot practice and the creation of the Dark Days Tarot. Read more