Coven Verse

Coven Verse | Psalm, by Harry Giles

“Who walks in rain beneath the four great houses?

Coven Verse | We are all made witches, by Ellie Wiseman

“We are rising in a wave
Drawn up by mother moon
And when it breaks, then you will know
Why they feared us in centuries before.” Read more

Coven Verse | phoenixes are not gentle creatures, by Danielle Perry

she is a girl made of fire, boy / you must watch out for the witch / she will burn you down Read more

Coven Verse | The Wych Elm, by Meghan Purvis

“The tree stands full of starlings, grooves around its base / where cats scratch and foul the earth, furious / the bark won’t hold them when they climb.” Read more

Coven Verse | Two untitled poems, by Marylou Anderson

“Today I dance with the bleached / skeleton of a great bear / She is held upright / by my own fear and darkness” Read more

Coven Verse | 21. The World & 2. The High Priestess, by Catherine Fahey

“updown strangecharm topbottom
become carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen,
oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur.” Read more

Coven Verse | A Witch’s Lent, by Sarah Diane

“The homestead that housed a hundred years of earth-workers / and caught crying babes, covered their heads / from cold country nights – it couldn’t last forever.” Read more

Coven Verse | Next to the Divine, by YaliniDream

“Perhaps, / if every raised hand were / a tender call, / each roar from the sky / simply a passing spring storm, / each flash in the night / a firefly” Read more

Coven Verse | love poem no. 2013, by Danielle Perry

“i have always been the moon, an expert in orbiting. i never had enough of my own gravity. until you.” Read more

Coven Verse | The Moon is Not Only Beautiful, it is So Far Away, by Julie Alexander

Once, the most important conversations / were about how the moon sounds— / the low arch of a cello, he said / the shiver of electrified bells, I said— Read more

Coven Verse | You are the tiny person, the cupped hand, and every moon

On this night / a decade ends. A new one begins. / Breathe in – / Hold – / Breathe out.
(A birthday poem for Em) Read more

Coven Verse | A recipe for elderberry & apple jelly, by Katherine McMahon

“The jar will glow like dark stained glass / and it will be just for you, / for your sacred mouth.” Read more

Coven Verse | 18. The Moon & 20. Judgement, by Catherine Fahey

“At Luna’s All-Nite Diner / the chefalopod serves up Eggs Prophetic, / 8 arms cooking in short order while / blending coffee beans with moonbeams.” Read more

Coven Verse | Witch, by Jean Tepperman

“They told me
I smile prettier with my mouth closed.” Read more

Coven Verse | Silent Retreat

“”I’m going to begin
my silence”
Sian said. And she did
Six of us murmured
in agreement.” Read more

Coven Verse | Boldness

“I carry a boldness unfit for this world / a loud, brash, righteous fullness / a centaur breaking from a cage” Read more

Coven Verse | A Welsh Estuary, by Gilbert Sheldon

“She is no handmaid to perform
Man’s bidding or increase his store” Read more