A spring cleaning tarot reading

Spring Cleaning tarot reading

Is that spring-like sunshine which through yonder window breaks?

OMG it is. At last. And I’ve realised just how dirty yonder windows are.

Time for a spring clean! If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that as the days grow longer and the sun grows shinier, you’re emerging, blinking, from a wintery hibernation and starting to think more seriously about the months ahead. Inspiration starts to glint and twinkle. Maybe it’s a pint in a beer garden (even though it’s still just a mite too cold) or the sudden impulse to go for a long walk. Or an actual spring clean, dusting off shelves and hoovering the ash-sprinkled hearth.

It’s leg-stretching, idea-forming, friend-connecting, winter-coat-stowing, new-clothes time…and time for a tarot reading. My brilliant little Spring Cleaning tarot reading is designed to help you work out where you’re at as the season changes, sort through the junk (both figurative and real) you’ve been hoarding all winter and welcome fresh, new energy into your life. It’s a pro-active reading, encouraging you to enjoy a genuine clear-out and providing you with a warm breeze of ideas and inspiration.

Tarot reader? Try the spread out for yourself! And I’d love it if you commented to let me know how you got on.

Order your Spring Cleaning tarot reading – £30

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When I receive your reading request, I’ll send you an invoice which you can pay online. You’ll have your reading within a week*, emailed to you as a PDF.


Terms and conditions of reading:

  1. Readings are given on the understanding that you are an adult with your own free will. I am therefore not responsible for any actions or events which may take place following this readingMy readings are based on my firm belief that we choose our own paths in life and are responsible for our own action. 
  2. I do not read for under-18s. Sorry!
  3. *Readings will normally be received within one week, however I am only human and sometimes life gets in the way! If I am likely to be delayed, I will let you know.
  4. Remember: it’s all about you! I will not read for third parties. Please do not ask me to look into the heart or mind of anyone other than yourself – this is unethical and, in my opinion, impossible.
  5. My intention in reading for a querent will always be to help them to arrive at their own conclusions. I will not encourage anyone to become dependent upon me.
  6. I do not engage in ‘magik’ and am unable to place or remove ‘curses’.
  7. I will not give medical, legal or financial advice, and will refer querents to appropriate organisations where necessary.
  8. These tarot readings are provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. 
  9. I reserve the right to refuse any reading if I choose. In these cases a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.
  10. Readings will not be completed until payment has been made.

>> Further information about tarot readings

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  1. chloetarot says:

    I like this inspiration for a reading. Having moved house last week, I’m also in spring-cleaning mode – just cleared out three bin bags of clothes! Have you done this reading for yourself again, this year?

    • Little Red says:

      Ahhhh…cleaning out clothes is so therapeutic!
      Haven’t done it for myself yet – not *quite* ready. Will be doing it in a week or so – for the equinox.

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