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Seasonal shift – fire into water

The Woodward - from the Wildwood Tarot

We’re approaching my favourite time of year. When summer begins to fade…mornings are crisp and cold, I can see my breath, there’s mist on the canal but it’s bright. The air quality is changing and it’s just so beautiful. In the Wildwood Tarot (and in many other decks), each season has a corresponding suit. The accompanying Wildwood Tarot …

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Spring Equinox and The Archer

The Archer Wildwood Tarot spring equinox.jpg

Focused, determined, strong and stunning, The Archer draws back her arrow to shoot right to the heart of her target. This is a card for the spring. Based on the Wheel of the Year, the Wildwood Tarot places The Archer (card number seven, or The Chariot in ‘regular’ decks) at the spring equinox – the …

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Post-holiday blues reading

Okay, so it might seem a little odd to write about self-care just a few days after coming back from a (first ever!) beach holiday in Ibiza…but hey. Maybe I’ve got the post-holiday blues. Thinking about self-employment and how to get by in the big wide world right up until the moment of departure, then …

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Magic wands

tarot wands fire

So! 2013. A year I've decided will be characterised by hard work, being even more broke and still having a lot of fun. Awesome. Without wanting to go into detail here and now, there's a big project brewing - perhaps not huge by other peoples' stan...

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Page of Swords

page of swords

Daily draw - 28th May 2011 The Page of Swords. Interesting card! I'm kinda in the middle of a mapping exercise to help me learn more about the personalities of the sixteen court cards, and thought I'd have a little moment with this character. Page...

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A little more knitting..

Knitted tarot bag anna k

Awww...I'm excited to say that the Wildwood Tarot now has its own little pouch. The basic pattern is here... And then Anna K got one too: A different pattern, cus her cards are smaller...I made it as a graph as I went along so hope it can be under...

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