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New moon reading

I recently shared a spread that I’d created for the last new moon. I needed something to help me get a grip on the changes I was feeling inside me, and manifest my own turning point. It turns out lots of you needed the very same thing. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response, in blog …

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Soul work: Knight/Son of Pentacles

Here’s one of the hardest-working cards in the tarot deck. The Knight of Pentacles – like the other knights – is obsessive about their suit. Where the Knight of Swords could be fixated on a grudge and the Knight of Cups is a dreaming romantic, the Knight of Pentacles has signed up for some seriously …

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Hold fast – The Star

What’s your North Star? By this I mean, what one thing would you know you could hold onto when everything else was falling apart? Not a partner, a lover, a friend, a pet – I’m talking about something deep inside you. An unchanging, untouchable essence of your self. The light of truth you carry within you. For …

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Let it be – Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

On holiday last week, the Nine of Cups surprised me by turning up in a reading as the ‘souvenir’ I would be taking home (you can read the full reading here) but, as sun-blasted Catalan days crept by its meaning has gradually emerged. I was using the Wild Unknown Tarot – this Nine of Cups shows a simple …

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A holiday tarot reading

Holiday tarot reading

A couple of weeks ago, exasperated by the rain and needing to Go Somewhere, anywhere hot, I booked a trip to Spain. Camping on the coast and a city break at the end. Em texted and said she’d come too. Perfect! The night before, after packing our small bags, Em and I drew cards for …

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The ‘Go Get Her’ tarot spread

Go Get Her tarot spread

Here’s a li’l spread I made up for fun the other day while writing a ‘create your own tarot spread’ exercise for Autostraddle’s Tarot School… I’ve called it the ‘Go Get Her’ spread and it is designed to help you work out how to shoot stingingly-sexy arrows of love and lust into any desired heart. …

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The Wild Unknown Tarot is now in stock!

Hurrah! The beautiful, insightful Wild Unknown Tarot is finally in stock. To everyone on my mailing list who has waited patiently for a deck for two good months now, I’m so happy to let you know it’s here! Little Red Tarot is 100% proud and excited to be the first and only UK stockist of this stunning little …

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A full moon tarot reading

Full moon tarot reading

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff going on at the moment, so I’m going to check in with myself using my full moon tarot spread. Cards are from the Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans Waning moon 1. Things to let go of: Son of Cups Out with the young, brash romantic. Those dreaming, rather …

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Community building – Three of Pentacles

Three is the magic number, right? With the Three of Pentacles, we can see why. Whilst the Three of Cups gives us community relationships, and Wands shows us the moment everything comes together ready to begin something, the Three of Pentacles is all about teamwork. Yesterday, I drew the Six of Pentacles. It brought up questions …

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Give and take – Six of Pentacles

Wild Unknown Tarot - Six of Pentacles

It’s my birthday. I didn’t have time for a full reading (…and truth be told, I didn’t want one.) A simple, single card to offer advice for the year ahead. The Six of Pentacles. Six delicate plums glow like lanterns on the silhouette of a branch. The description in my brief guide say prosperity and growth. There …

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The Chariot

This week, I’ve been offered the opportunity to submit a business proposal for a new project. The work is not something I’ve considered before… well, that’s a lie. I have considered this line of work before, but laughed it off thinking it ‘just wasn’t me’. Now I’m thinking differently. It’s a new year, and I’ve been actively …

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A return

I’m not really sure where I’ve been. But I haven’t been *here* for nine months. What happened? Cards from the Tarot of the Wild Unknown, by Kim Krans Past: Seven of Swords Losing trust – in myself? I felt it gradually wearing away over the final months of this year – felt my grip loosening, …

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Magic wands

tarot wands fire

So! 2013. A year I've decided will be characterised by hard work, being even more broke and still having a lot of fun. Awesome. Without wanting to go into detail here and now, there's a big project brewing - perhaps not huge by other peoples' stan...

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