Category: Tarot readings

New moon reading

I recently shared a spread that I’d created for the last new moon. I needed something to help me get a grip on the changes I was feeling inside me, and manifest my own turning point. It turns out lots of you needed the very same thing. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response, in blog …

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Song of water and fire

The truth is, I’ve been in a bad mood for weeks. Waking up with an inexplicable crossness each morning, as if there were two sides to my bed and it was even possible to have a ‘wrong side’. And if I’m not angry, I’m sad, and tired. Can’t open my eyes, can’t wake up, can’t …

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Setting off / a reading

I’m writing this in an airport hotel in Amsterdam. Odd that a trip from the north of England to the US west coast should involve an overnight transfer in The Netherlands…but there you go, and here I am. Something I truly love about travelling alone is that very stark, lonely feeling that comes from moving anonymously …

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