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Baking a loaf for Lammas

In the wheel of the year tradition, tomorrow – August 1st – is Lughnasadh (pronounced ‘lunasa’) or Lammas. This festival marks the start of the harvest season. The fields are full and so are the trees and bushes. Traditionally speaking, we are digging up the vegetables, harvesting grain and fruit, baking the first loaf of …

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Winter solstice and a new moon

This one is for Danielle. 21st December is Winter Solstice – and also a new moon night. It’s the shortest day of the year, and there will be no moonlight. It feels like a blank canvas, and a perfect time to celebrate new year. To make resolutions, to look ahead to lengthening days, more daylight, …

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All change

September, my personal 'new year' month, has been a real ride. So much has happened in the past four weeks and today, finally, I have a day to myself to gently think it all over and reflect on the changes within me.
It's time to do some tarot.

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Resolutions, revolutions

new years resolutions tarot

New year's eve was perfect. A few friends, a familiar home, a fire. A heady punch, some fizz and some food. My love guided us through a simple exercise - we offered up three things we wished to release, three things for which we we were grateful a...

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