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As someone whose business is based almost completely around a blog, my daily work involves reading a lot of writing by other bloggers. Which is awesome. My current morning routine involves coffee, dawn and reading through the lives and ideas of strangers who live all over the world, and I love it.

Time for some sharing. I’ve done these roundups in the past, but it’s time for a more up-to-date list of the sites I visit most often and the writing I value the most.

Some of these are tarot blogs. Some are about creativity, art and the importance of doing your work. Some are personal blogs, observations. Some are about business, sustainability, solopreneurship. Some (like my own blog) are about all of these things. I hope at least a few will capture your interest.

I’ve arranged these under loose headings, but of course, there’s lots of overlap. Explore, enjoy, follow, spread the blog love!

Tarot + woo

The Hoodwitch | Regular info and resources around lunar phases, crystals and amazing women doing witchy work.

Worts + Cunning Apothecary | Alexis J Cunninfolk’s brilliant blog is an incredible resource for tarot readers, herbalists and magic-makers.

My Life Created | Mecca Woods’ astrology and tarot blog.

Chani Nicholas | My go-to blog for weekly horoscopes and lunar info. Chani’s not only an amazing astrologer but a really gifted writer. Sign up for the horoscopes, you’ll be blown away.

Two Sides Tarot | Marianne’s tarot blog is understated, intelligent and a pleasure to read. (She also uses an awesome selection of decks and photographs them beautifully.)

Midnight Apothecary | Dori Midnight’s all-too-infrequently updated blog.

The Chaos Witch | Lee’s acerbic and intelligent take on chaos magick, Paganism and tarot.

Over the Moon Oracle Cards | Kristin’s blog covers all kinds of cartomancy, including tarot, oracles and playing-card divination (and she’s an expert in the latter). She’s always creating new decks and coming up with new ways to explore and experiment with cartomancy. (Kristen also wrote two great posts for Little Red Tarot: Four ways to use playing cards for simple decision making, and How to create (and read) a charmcasting oracle.

Personal writing

Cuntext | Queer femme poetry that will stop you in your tracks.

Sara Blackthorne | Deeply personal, poetic explorations. Remember those per-zines you used to read, the ones that made you cry and miss your first girlfriend and wonder if life will ever be that beautiful again? That.

Bitches Gotta Eat | Just read it. Samantha Irby is a genius. (Actually, compiling this list reminded me to finally order her goddam book. Because why stare at a screen when a blogger has gone to that length?)

Angeliska Gazette | Quite possibly my favourite blog ever. Just lose yourself in this years-old journal.

Wollgathering & Wildcrafting | The most beautiful writing you’ll find about nature, seasons, herbalism and holistic wellbeing.

Doing the work

Gather the People | Sarah J Bray, writer of one of my all time favourite blogs, has gotten a little fancy of late. Her re-branded blog/project, Gather the People, is still near the top of my list and is full of gems about making work that really matters.

The Tarot Lady | Theresa Reed’s down-to-earth blog is filled with tips and advice gained from years of experience as a professional tarotist.

Esme Wang | Esme’s blog tackles challenges familiar to most writers…and the additional barriers created by physical and mental health

Alexandra Franzen | Heartfelt, genuine encouragement for writers and creatives.

Tara Swiger | Practical advice for creative entrepreneurs.

XOSarah | A straightforward, helpful blog about running a blog-based online business.

Paul Jarvis | Freelancer honesty and advice from a guy who’s been at it for years.

Rad politics

COM|PASSionate REVOLT | Radical approaches to holistic wellbeing (with an awesome Tuesday tarot series!)

Bitch | World’s best magazine. Fact. I’m a long-time subscriber to the quarterly paper version of Bitch, but that doesn’t stop me checking in throughout the week to see what right-on gems they’ve uncovered.

Black Girl Dangerous | A collectively-written blog covering race + gender politics from personal, radical, queer perspective.

The Militant Baker | No-nonsense fat-positive body-loving brilliance.

Janet Mock | You probably know Janet Mock, but have you read her blog? It’s incredible. It feels like Janet only blogs when she has something really important to say, and when she does, she posts these amazing essays discussing her experiences and responses as a black trans woman.

The Body is Not an Apology | Radical self love for every body. Social justice, interesectionality, points of view you’ve never had to consider, call-outs, helpful advice, rants that make you go ‘OH’ and an incredible amount of information.

Gradient Lair | ‘Black woman + art, media, social media, socio-politics and culture’. Trudy stopped writing this blog as of last week (read her latest post on exhaustion, plagarism and the price she’s been paying for years for speaking the truth about the representations of Black women we encounter every day.

Native Appropriations | Dr Adrienne Keene’s long-running blog calling out and analysing the constant slew of cultural appropriation in fashion and culture.

Miscellaneous treasures

On Being | A recent discovery. Krista Tippet and a team of wonderful people share philosophical posts and podcasts exploring life, spirituality and being. Being human, being present, being okay, being not okay… it’s just beautiful. Dig in.

Trying To Be Good | I can’t explain this. Just read it.

Messy Canvas | Mandy Steward’s unflinching commitment to discovering herself as an artist and encouraging you to do the same is so inspiring.

No More Potlucks | Think Brain Pickings, but more indie, more queer, more artsy, and more leftfield. Posts come out in these huge batches….then there will be nothing for ages. Then another flood. (I guess that’s because it’s a magazine!)

Midwifery Quest | Written by one of my bestest friends, this is a blog about training to be a midwife.

Autostraddle | The world’s greatest queer/feminist website, updated throughout the day with an incredible magazine of news, pop culture, politics, craft, art, personal essays and gazillion other things relevant to the interests of LGBTQ women. Also, I write the tarot and solopreneur columns!

Somnambulist | A collectively-written blog which grew out of a Portland-based zine, Somnambulist is one of those sites where you don’t know what’s going to turn up next, but you do know that it will be original, intelligent and thought-provoking.

What’s Underneath | In this regular video series on Style Like U, fascinating, brilliant people peel of layer after layer of their clothing, whilst sharing their stories, philosophies and perspectives. It’s powerful and amazing.

Hungry and Frozen | The only food blog I read. New Zealander Laura Vincent’s warm, witty anecdotes and recipes always inspire me, and her food is real. (PS that link goes to a wasabi macaroni cheese recipe, just in case you need it, which you probably do.)

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In terms of how I follow these blogs, I use an RSS reader. I used Bloglovin’ until the ‘feminine lifestyle’ branding drove me away (I can only take so many ads for high-end lipstick and handbags before I want to smash things) so now I use the monolithic Feedly. It’s great! I’ve made it my home page. I open my computer and bam – there’s everything everyone I love is writing, all in one self-curated online magazine. If you love reading blogs as much as I do, I really recommend it.


My Weekend Reading series is a regular roundup of favourite posts and articles. If you’ve got some time on your hands and want to be regularly pointed to many long lists of helpful or interesting posts that I’ve enjoyed and recommend, check out the archive here!


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