A strange place: between The Mirror and The Guardian

On the Wildwood Tarot’s Wheel of the Year, we are in a strange place right now.

Passing the autumn equinox but not yet into November, we are between The Mirror and The Guardian (these cards correspond to The Hanged Man and The Devil in a regular tarot deck.)

The Mirror Wildwood Tarot Card
The Mirror Wildwood Tarot Card

The Mirror, from the Wildwood Tarot

The Mirror asks us to surrender our will and be led by our deeper, more mysterious urges.

This is a journey of self-discovery, with the mirror reflecting our inner selves.

Here a serpent-woman holds up a glowing ball, lighting up a soul in limbo who floats in a wooden boat on the still lake behind her. This person has been wounded, but is ready to travel to a place of healing and recovery – moving from one stage of life into a wiser, stronger one, buoyed up by self-knowledge.

The guardian Wildwood Tarot card
The guardian Wildwood Tarot card

The Guardian, from the Wildwood Tarot

The Guardian and her dark cave are what awaits them.

Healing can only take place after the person has undergone a true transformation.

This is a time for letting go of the old ways and allowing parts of ourselves to die. To be acknowledged and possibly mourned, but then let go of. It’s scary, but it’s freeing. The Guardian will step aside and allow you into your cave so that you can perform the rituals of transformation.

Both cards resonate for me right now, though I have a strong sense of this moment right here, between the two. I’m still floating in that boat, in limbo, trying to piece together the lessons of the past months. I’m not quite ready to face The Guardian yet, but as the weather gets colder, I find myself becoming more and more aware of the things I need to let go.

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  1. Ellen says:

    When I read `her` cave it felt like a very ancient mother bear is inviting me in descend in to her cave. Descending into the underworld is a bit less frightened when we acknowledge her as a Mother instead of some scary skeleton

  2. Yes…and according to the Wildwood guidebook, she is a bear. I agree…it’s intimidating of course, but important to understand that you won’t come to any harm by going there.

  3. I first thought that this was a post about newspapers due to the title. D’oh! I find that I always feel my most motivated and eager to put good habits/new life plans into action around this time of year. Makes sense why now. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Oh my god, didn’t even think of that! Ha! Now that *would* be a strange place.

      I agree though…there’s something about this time of year, the change in temperature maybe, or the quality of the light, that makes it such a time of change. It’s my personal new year!

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