Awaken your intuition: The Lefty Oracle Deck

In this guest post, artist Kathy Crabbe shares the story behind the Lefty Oracle, a deck she illustrated entirely with her non-dominant left hand!

Art IS life; life IS art; ALL for art.

The Lefty Oracle deck consists of 52 Lefty characters painted entirely with my non-dominant left hand. It comes with a 92 page Guidebook full of creative exercises, songs, prompts, mantras and affirmations.

The deck aims to help people awaken their intuition so they can pursue their dreams from a deeper and more conscious place. It is experiential and collaborative and it engages people on deep levels using sacred play.

Drawing with our non-dominant hand can help us connect to our intuition.

Since 2000 I’ve been drawing with my non-dominant left hand. Because it’s not easy, it slows me down, which is a proven therapeutic technique for grounding and calming. It helps me get out of my critical, judging brain so that art can flow. It activates the right brain, known as the ‘intuitive’ brain.

I think of my life in terms of ‘before the leftys’ and ‘after the leftys’. Instead of navel-gazing narcissism which can be an essential part of developing one’s artistic vision, I shifted gears to figure out how best to be of service to my clients. They tell me what works! Life IS art and my readings intertwine with my paintings to be of service.

Intuition requires listening. Listening requires patience. Psychic attunement requires quiet, peace and nature (for me, anyway). It requires mindfulness. Can we make space in our lives for these things? Can we find the time to play? Can we understand who we are on a deeper level? What is the soul? Big questions! I choose to live the answers. Art IS life; life IS art; ALL for art.

Why an oracle deck?

I’d just spent seven successful years painting and selling my art at a very popular three month art festival in Laguna Beach, and my work was beginning to feel stale. That’s when I started painting with my non-dominant left hand. I stopped doing the fair, became a bit of a hermit and got much more involved in my spiritual practice. Also, I’d just turned 40,was going through a big mid-life astrological transit called Uranus Opposition, and my life was transforming. I knew that I had to find a way to bring more healing into the world. So – I became a professional psychic and medium and I turned my artwork into oracle decks. I’m a Virgo, so I love to re-purpose my work.

I recently self published the Lefty Oracle deck so it’s now available for everyone.

What’s next?

The Lefty Oracle Deck and eClass is a big part of my brand new Moon Circle Leadership Certification course. This is a 12-week program for folks who want to facilitate and lead their own Moon Circles or simply build a supportive community of like minds. It’s based upon my own experience leading both virtual and in-person Moon Circles, classes and workshops at art studios, private homes, college and university.

I’m super-excited to share all I’ve learned with future Moon Circlers around the world. You can learn more here!

The Lefty get around!

They have been invited onstage with Michelle Shocked in Hollywood for International Women’s Day, to be in a feminist art exhibit and book called BARED, at a writer’s group where people posed as their favorite Lefty, at a Red Hat Group in Laguna Beach, published in the We’Moon Datebook, part of my eclass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul”, in my zines exhibited and archived at various places such as the San Diego Women’s History Museum.

Find the Lefty Oracle at Kathy’s website! To stay in tune with Mama Moon and partake in free art giveaways each month please sign up for Kathy’s New Moon Museletter at

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