Autumn Equinox: A bridge tarot spread & the Seven of Pentacles

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Equinox is a turning point, a ‘bridge’.

Where spring equinox marks the turning of the season towards warmer, longer days, tree-sap rising and the abundance of summer flowers and crops, today’s autumn equinox is the moment when season energy shifts inwards. Shorter days, more darkness. Colder weather. Leaves falling. Nuts and berries the last harvest of the year.

The autumn equinox is the final festival in the Wheel of the Year, bringing us full circle. Observing this festival, much like our new year’s eve celebrations, provides a bridge from one era of our life into another.

It’s a delicious-feeling shift.

The quality of autumn light, cool, milky and bright, is like nothing else. The colours of autumn are rich, cosy and warming, beautiful in the face of the season’s decay. There is so much jewel-like promise in all of this.

Elementally, we are moving into the season of water, intangible, flowing and powerful. It is a time for reflection, for deep listening and for engaging in the less tangible parts of our selves. This is the time of the last harvest – what are we gathering in now?

This is the beginning of root energy and brings rest, sleep, and renewal. It is a chance for all of life to go within and re-enter the dark womb of the spiritual world. Equinox celebrates the balance between the outer journeyed the inner journey, and the strong foundation this brings into our lives. It is a time for long-term planning and incubation. The seed ideas we plant now willer-emerge in the spring, changed, transformed and strengthened by their time in the unconscious.

– Glennie Kindred, Sacred Earth Celebrations

This is a good time to look both backwards and forwards, here on the threshold of lightness and dark, summer and winter. It’s the apex of a bridge, a vantage point from which we can gain a helpful perspective on our journey. Where we can step out of the everyday and see this moment as a chance to pause and take stock. We can reflect on the year so far, all that happened in the expansive, air-and-fire months of spring and summer. And we can look forwards to what remains – water and earth, autumn and winter.

It’s a lot like the Seven of Pentacles, this moment of pause, this taking stock.

The earthy suit of pentacles is often associated with work. Here in the Seven, that means we’re mid-way through a journey that has seen a lot of hard work, but we’re nearing the end (i.e. the Ten). This point is about stepping back for a moment and carrying out an assessment of where things stand. This can apply to projects and journeys of all kinds; here on the autumn equinox, it feels like a soulful kind of assessment. A profound checking in with where we are at.

This card often illustrates the kind of turning point that allows us to step away from our labours. We’ve put in the work, and the result is something sustainable, something that no longer needs continuously tending. It’s liberating, allowing for a deep sense of satisfaction as we turn away to look at new challenges, new routes.

The fruits of labour, the rewards of a sustained project – this card in a reading suggests that your work is paying off. You can relax for a moment while the results of your efforts go on, self-sustaining. You may have also hit a decisive turning point – whether to back away from those brambles to grow a new bush […] or to stay tending them, building them up even further.

– Oliver Pickle, She is Sitting in the Night

It’s an interesting metaphor to apply to our spiritual lives. What growth and realisations have we seen over the summer? And where does this leave us now, at this turning point? Will we continue to work on this journey, exploring its depths and possibilities, its shadows and its nuances, or is it time for a new direction? The Seven of Pentacles allows for both outcomes – what’s important here is taking the time to pause, reflect, and decide.

I love the Bridge tarot spread for these turning point times.

It’s a spread I use all the time for client readings, as it so wonderfully illustrates a journey as a complete picture. Following the metaphor of a bridge linking one era of life to another, each card represents a step on the journey, from the past, through the present, and into future possibilities. The river beneath the bridge represents subconscious influences, and the way this card interacts with those above enriches the reading and helps us to go deeper with the cards’ messages.

Want to try it? Here’s the Bridge tarot spread >>

This is the reading I’m doing tonight. My year, especially my summer, has been full – in both my internal and external worlds, there’s been a lot happening, and there’s a lot to process. I want to take stock of my year personally, and also place it in the context of the shared whole and the global events of 2017. I want to look at where I am now, where those past experiences have brought me. And I want to look ahead to the colder months and think about the seeds I’d like to plant and incubate for next year, and the groundwork I’ll do over winter.

I’m grateful for the chance equinox offers to pause and reflect. What will I take forwards with me over the bridge? What am I carrying that I may not even be aware of? What new information is available to me now to help me clear space and set intentions for the new season? I’m looking forward to digging into these questions with my tarot cards tonight.

Want to come chat about your equinox resolutions, hopes and dreams? Join our community open thread, right over here!

Cards shown in this post are from the Wanderer’s Tarot, the Sasuraibito Tarot and the Personal Space Tarot.

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