Astro DIY #7: Signs and symbols in astrology


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Hello my astrology friends!

I’m so sorry for leaving you in the lurch over the last month or so since my last post – it’s been a really full on time for me with travelling for work and moving house and meetings just about every evening in February! So I’m very excited to be here in March. Mars has finally moved into Aries – so it should be an exciting time of getting stuff done (if the Sun being in Pisces doesn’t get in the way too much….).

So this time we’re going to have a look at the signs and symbols in astrology

four-elements-three-modalities-astrology copy

Personally I’m much more into the *people* and psychological aspect of astrology than the science/maths/history/drawing little symbols stuff – BUT – to be a good astrologer you need a bit of all that and you absolutely need to be able to understand what the symbols used in a birth chart mean, so here’s a basic run-down:

Symbols of the Planets

Read more on the meaning behind the planet symbols here at if you’re interested – otherwise I’m just here to show you the images to learn. The outer planets are the ones people tend to need more practice with!


[Now here’s someone who can teach this way better than me – introducing Alyssa Sharpe.]

Symbols of the Signs

There’s a lot more you could delve into for each sign and various ideas about the symbolism behind the zodiac, but here is a summary of the main ideas behind each sign:

AriesAries is the head/horns of a Ram which represents Aries qualities such as leadership, courage and a ‘head on’ approach!

TaurusTaurus is the head/horns of a Bull, symbolizing strength, determination and a tendency to be ‘bull-headed’

GeminiGemini is symbolized by the twins, representing the dual nature of the sign. The glyph is two lines joined together.

CancerCancer is symbolized by the crab – a hard exterior protecting the softy underneath. The glyph for Cancer is said to be either breasts, representing its nurturing qualities and the body part Cancer rules, or the claws of a crab – protective and defensive.

LeoLeo is the Lion with the glyph depicting the mane and tail of a lion – symbolizing the regal quality of Leo. Leo rules the heart and the glyph is also said to represent the two valves of the heart.

VirgoVirgo’s symbol is the virgin representing their often calm and controlled composure, often holding sheaves of wheat. The glyph is said to depict the sexual organs, with a tail that wraps inwards, closed and untouched.

LibraLibra is the scales – the only sign to be represented by an inanimate object! Ir represents Libra’s need for balance and equality. The Libra glyph shows the setting sun/scales and an ‘approximately equal to’ sign.

ScorpioScorpio is associated with the Scorpion’s stinger as Scorpio’s can be known for getting revenge. Scorpio’s symbol, looks like a letter M with a tail that points upwards. The Scorpio symbol is also said to represent genitals, as the sign is often associated with sex.

SagittariusSagittarius is the arrow of a centaur/archer’s bow, representing directness, adventure and a desire for aiming higher. The centaur represents Sagittarius’ will to free itself from the animal like ways of being human.

CapricornCapricorn is associated with the mountain goat – they find security in high places, slowly but surely rising to the top. The symbol for Capricorni is said to show the goat’s beard in the ‘V” and the tail is a fish, as Capricorn was once known as the sea-goat.

AquariusAquarius is the water bearer, giving the free flowing gift of truth, washing away the past, always forward thinking and ready to try something new. The symbol is ripples of water.

PiscesPisces is two fish tied together, but swimming in opposite directions, representing the Piscean way of often feeling like they are being pulled in two different directions.

Your homework: Practice drawing the symbols – some of them like Virgo can be a bit tricky if like me, you’re not artistically talented! Draw your birth chart using all the symbols for the planets and signs, without cheating (if you can!). Then draw out someone else’s, again using the symbols! Write out the placements of planets first rather than copying the picture of a chart to see how well you remember the symbols!

And if you want more astrology, absolutely go and read this hilarious, but very accurate blog post on fighting different signs of the zodiac. Yes that’s right, fighting. Go look!  I hope it brings you many giggles. Please take a moment to appreciate that it was written by an 18 year-old Pisces. I wish I was that funny and knew that much about astrology at 18!

Next time with Astro DIY we’ll start learning what the deal is with the 12 Houses in astrology

Ooh it’s exciting stuff! So tell me in the comments, what have you been up to astrologically this last month in my absence?


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  1. Danielle says:

    thing one: i learned all the symbols when i was younger, all thanks to sailor moon!
    thing three: in yr absence i started an astrology tumblr:


    • Tabby says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, it’s very encouraging haha! Wow I never knew that Sailor Moon was so linked with astrology, I’ve never seen it but I might give it a go now – the idea of characters based on the signs is very exciting!

      Also wow, your tumblr is great! I really enjoyed reading what you’re learning about your chart and you have such a nice writing style – and yes I’m sure Mercury in Libra does have something to do with it! The story about your Moon in Virgo is cool too and I really liked your interpretation of your Saturn. Ooh yay I’m excited to get into the houses with everyone!

      • Danielle says:

        wellllllll to be fair, i don’t know how much they’re based on the astrological signs, but it’s still pretty cool! or, at least, i thought it was pretty cool when i watched it many moons ago!

        awww, thank you so much! i’m super excited to know more about the houses – i’ve dug in a little bit, especially with the seventh house since i’ve got THREE planets in it (& i’m, uh, a little obsessed with relationships, go figure), but i want to know more! i want to know all the things! 😀

        • Tango says:

          Okay wow, I started to type a giant rant explaining how each of the sailor scouts are like they’re assigned planet, but it was getting unnecessarily lengthy. XD Long story short, yes, the sailor scouts were [at least partially] written to fits their assigned planet.

          • Danielle says:

            haha, yeah, like i said, it’s been a while since i watched it – maybe fifteen years? – so i didn’t want to make any kind of definitive statement about how much the senshi matched up to astrological signs.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey, I was doing an image search and found this (love this blog and this article btw!) and I noticed that the symbols for Neptune and Uranus are switched.

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