April Sunday Spread | The space between

Hello, darlings! Welcome back to yet another Sunday Spread! It’s always really lovely to have you at the table!

If we were ‘tiptoeing’ towards Spring last month, now we’re just a hop, skip and jump away! My first camping trip of the year is planned and it’s still lighted when I leave my office at night! It officially doesn’t feel so overwhelming to add in a little movement practice in the mornings, even if I have to forego my second cup of coffee. My Aries’ heart is soaring with the little extra fire! However, even as I salivate over the ever-lengthening days, I don’t want to miss the magic of the in-between. With the sun warming our cheeks or the moon glistening overhead it can be easy to forget the elegant dance of dawn and dusk.

It can be even harder to find gratitude for the in-between when transitions feel too hard, too slow and too painful, but even then there is so much wisdom to be found in them. I’ve had the honor of working with and having a lot of amazing trans and non-binary folks in my life throughout the years. The former fighting to move through journeys as the outside world tries to invalidate their destinations, and the latter fighting for the fact that the in-between is just as valid a destination as a journey.

It’s with this in mind, that I want to focus this month’s Sunday Spread on the liminal, the thresholds, and the spaces in between. I want to take a closer look at these transitions so as not to miss the wisdom that is sometimes embedded in the smaller steps along our bigger life journeys.

Liminality spread

I wasn’t sure if I should call this a ‘spread’ at all, because it might end up being a one card pull. When I started to think on this topic the concept was so big that I wanted to keep the practice simple, which is my general goal here on the Sunday Spread: simple tips for not so simple lives. The important thing to remember here is to give yourself time to sink in and be present. Make enough space for yourself to really be in the liminal space as you ask your favorite tarot deck for some guidance.

Option 1

This option is if you already know the points you’re moving between. Maybe you have a really clear understanding of the place you’re leaving and the place you’re heading towards. If you have charged objects that symbolize these two places, set them out in front of you and sit with them for awhile. If you don’t have objects or if you feel like the two points you’re moving between could be better symbolized by tarot cards, pull them from your deck and set them out.

Take some time to focus on each object or card. Notice any feelings that come up from you. Take a deep breath and visually check in with the space in between. Shuffle, cut, and pull a card for the space in-between.

What lesson do you need to learn from this exact moment and place in your journey?

Option 2

If you’re less clear about where you’re going but feel yourself ready to head out on a journey, feel free to place an object or pull a card for where you’re at; and shuffle, cut, and draw for both your journey and your ‘destination’. Maybe you’ll be able to come to some clarity about your path.

Good luck with your journeys, friends! Don’t forget to enjoy the spaces in-between!



Featured deck: Light Visions Tarot
Featured art: Nikki McClure 

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