A tarot spread for balance

I found this spread in the companion book for the Shadowscapes Tarot – it’s designed to help look at the different things you’re balancing – whether they are creative projects, work, commitments, emotional things… and identify the different factors at work. I’ve felt like I’ve been juggling different aspects of myself with difficulty recently, so I asked simply how I could bring my life into balance.

1. (bottom) Myself – Ten of Cups

What am I bringing to this situation?
The attainment of serenity and peace – feeling good, secure, joyous…but not taking this for granted. Recognition and understanding of where I am – I expect happiness and success, but won’t waste it.

2. (left) Creating – The Moon

What’s in the process of being created?
Belief in illusions? Or a doorway to the hidden unknown, as long as I don’t give in to tricks and distractions. Beyond the realm of the comfortable and predictible….incredible things hide there, and they’re emerging.

3. (right) Destroying – Three of Pentacles

What’s in the process of being destroyed?
Teamwork, the beginning of a venture. Functioning together as a unit. Is this telling me to go it alone? I’ve been craving more me-time – is it time I simply claimed some? But the position is really about something that’s being destroyed at the moment. Could it mean that with all the things I’m juggling at the moment, that I’m neglecting to work together well with other people?

4. (top) Wind – King of Swords

The external environment surrounding the situation. Is it beneficial, or harming?
Truth and determination. Commitment. Wisdom. And strength and success as a result of these things. But the King of Swords is also sort of removed from the real world, like he’s lost touch somehow. Linking this back to the Three of Pentacles.

tarot spread for balance

The full picture

The message I read here is that I could be spreading my energy to thinly. I’m in a good place, I feel strong and secure, I’m enjoying and appreciating the projects and things I’m involved with. But these things involve other people too, and, maybe because there are too many things going on, or maybe because I’m acting selfishly, I’m not being a team player, not being generous with myself. But while I’m doing/not doing this, I’m finding new depths inside myself – perhaps because I’m spending so much time with the tarot (!) or it could be because I’m trying out lots of things, I’m letting inner secrets and abilities bubble to the surface, and that feels good.

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