A simple tarot spread

I found out this morning that a distant friend of mine has started her own tarot website…and it’s wonderful!

As well as reviews of a small portion of her eighty-something decks and many books, there’s also a brilliant tarot cast, with a single card monthly card and interpretation for each star-sign. Handy for me as a learner not only because it’s a nice little horoscope, but because it provides me with another interpretation of twelve different cards each month.

There’s also a page called Ask Willow, where she gives examples of simple three-card readings for a variety of different questions/problems. I love the spread she uses. A simple 1-2-3, but the descriptions of each of the positions really resonates with me:


1. What is the major stumbling block in this situation?

2. What will support you and enable you to move forward?

3. What might the challenges and opportunities be that lie ahead?

So this spread is about tackling a particular, specific problem and seeking a way forward. I wanted to practice it, so I decided to do a reading for a character from a film or something. Okay…so, I saw Fair Game last week, and the character of Valerie Plame was the first character to spring to mind. It’s fair to say she has a dilemma – put very briefly, she and her husband Joe WIlson concluded that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Joe then published this finding in the national press. So the US government destroyed her career. Her husband wanted to fight back, she wanted to let go, seeing how much stress and strain would inevitably ensue. She was also considering ending her marriage.

So! Although based on the portrayal in this film there is no way in the world I can imagine Plame seeking advice from a Tarot reader, I thought this would make an interesting fantasy read.

1. What is the major stumbling block in this situation? Seven of Swords

What’s holding you back is someone else’s theft, someone’s deception. The US government sought to conceal the truth, so betrayed you by spreading lies about you and ruining your career by outing you as a spy – thus stealing your privacy and security…and potentially your marriage/family. This is fairly obvious, but you need to think about who you’re blaming for this. Your partner broke the story to the press – do you hold him responsible for what came next? Do you feel that he stole your career, whilst promoting his own?

2. What will support you and enable you to move forward? REV Lovers

This card suggests that your relationship is in trouble – you and your partner hold different views, and where normally the lovers celebrates the unification of opposing elements, upside down this is drawing attention to the trouble your opposing views are causing. In order to move forward, you need to tackle this – either by communicating with your partner, or by ending the relationship. Bearing in mind the third card in the reading, I feel that the Lovers card is encouraging you to tackle the problem in your relationship and find there the support you need.

3. What might the challenges and opportunitites be that lie ahead? Ace of Pentacles

This is a really good sign. You have all the earthy resources you need to move forward, to move beyond this situation and turn it into a positive. The truth is right there, waiting for you, and you will achieve that, though it won’t be easy. Now you have seen what lows the government would stoop to, can you see any positives in being away from that? Assess your resources – thinking back to the second card, your family, your partner may be able to help you here. The government have tried to destroy you – they want you to go away. But they can’t steal what’s in your head, what you know, and they can’t steal your family if you don’t let them. The Ace of Pentacles doesn’t so much suggest fighting them as a goal, so much as using everything you hold in order to achieve the truth.

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