A simple, affordable self-published tarot deck

Tarot decks don’t have to be complex.

For those who yearn to strip the complicated symbolism out of tarot, leaving only the simplest motifs, Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Anna Foos has created just the thing.

Her tarot deck (which doesn’t even have a name!) is about as simple as they come. With their black and white line drawings, these cards feature only the most basic of tarot symbols – a spiral snail-shell for The Hermit or the High Priestess’ triple-moon crown – so there’s plenty of space to use your intuition and develop your own ideas when using them.


Also – you could totally colour these in yourself! Just a thought 🙂

It’s also refreshingly affordable – you can pick it up from Witch Shop on Etsy for just $25. Hurrah!

I’m always interested in sharing self-published decks on Little Red Tarot, so I asked Anna a few questions about the inspiration behind her deck, and the process of making it.

Where did the idea for this deck come from?

I had been searching the internet for the perfect Tarot deck, and it was beginning to feel like a fool’s task. All I wanted was a simple, fun, non-hokey deck that didn’t take itself too seriously. Something I would be comfortable using with friends who are unfamiliar with Tarot or even skeptical of it.

Everything I saw was either too goofy or was a vintage deck and was way out of my price range. I ended up buying a very very basic deck and using it for a few months before I naturally started making drawings for a deck of my own.

full spread tarot

Were you already into tarot, or did your idea lead you to tarot? When and why did you begin?

A great friend of mine got me into tarot almost five years ago. She was the core of my friend group at the time and always wanted to read all of our cards. I loved the social dynamic of readings, and we all became super reliant on her for them since they had such a clarifying affect on our lives.

And what was the first thing that you did to get started?

For the deck, I started with sketches of the Minor Arcana, and worked my way up through the Major Arcana. The process was super organic with lots of looping back and re-doing as I had new ideas as the deck progressed and became more developed.

Describe the process of creating this deck – what materials did you use, did you refer to books or websites etc?

The drawings were all done by hand with simple Sharpie marker, and I referred back to a Universal Rider Waite Tarot deck as well as vintage deck images I found on the internet for the designs. I did quite a bit of reading about the meanings of the cards as well, to help develop the designs. I was striving for a simplified deck that has a DIY aesthetic and could be appealing to new Tarot users and seasoned readers.


Did you base this on an existing deck or did you totally reinvent tarot?!

This deck is very closely based on the Rider Waite deck. I am not nearly confident enough to reinvent the deck 🙂

Tell me more about your relationship with tarot. What do you want people to get from using this deck?

The thing that hooked me on Tarot was how a reading can reframe your perspective on your current situation to give you insights into what is coming in the future. I think that we are often unaware of how much our present thinking affects our immediate futures, and I’ve had multiple Tarot readings that have clarified my perspective and drastically realigned how I’m interacting with my life and the people around me.

Favourite card in the deck?

My fave is the Heirophant, I’m obsessed with his triple crown.


Deck info:

Buy Anna’s tarot deck here on Etsy – price: $25
size of cards: 2.75 in x 4.75 inches, no book.

IMG_2556Anna Foos is an artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York with her two cats and a herd of houseplants.

She designed this deck for Witch Shop. Follow her on Instagram @hegsonlegs and Witch Shop @_witchshop_

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