A distant reading

A friend in a far-off land asked me for a reading. He texted me the question and the deck I should use. The question was: What does the coming year hold for me?

Sheesh. I’ve never done one this big-feeling for someone else (and none at all for somoene not sat in front of me). I didn’t know a spread to do, so I had a quick search on the internet. I wanted something short – many of the ‘year’ ones I found used 24, 52, all 78 cards…I wanted something very simple. I had just about resolved to create my own, but was thinking that felt wrong without my friend to help with that…then I turned up this one on the Mind Gallery blog. Four simple cards asking What’s ahead of me?

Now, I don’t see Tarot as a way to divine the future, where a sort of fatalistic view defines ‘the future’, and that cards are telling me just what’s going to happen. But they can help us to see the possible consequences of our actions. So the fourth card, the ‘what will be attained’ in this reading is dependent on the incorporation of the suggestions in the other three cards.

shadowscapes tarot cards


1. What you need to leave behind – Seven of Swords

This card warns you about theft. ‘Stand guard over what you value’….is someone of something stealing your thunder, your ideas? Or have you been feeling that this has been happening? This needs to be left behind – stop worrying about others taking the credit for your work. And dishonesty is definitely not going to be the best policy as you approach the coming year.

2. What you must confront – Two of Wands

This is about having a choice, and taking action. You could go two ways, but soon it will be time to choose one – you have only so much energy, and you need to apply yourself fully to the choice you make. This is also about having patience. ‘You likely will not regret the choice, but only that you didn’t have the energy to do both.’ That’s okay – do one thing well. And when you make that choice, do it with courage, be inventive.

Do some planning. Work out these choices – decide – then plan your actions. Map out where you are and where you’re going, what approach you want to take. Focus. ‘You are in a position of power and can take time to do so.’

3. What you need to know – King of Pentacles

A powerful figure who has nature and the material world at his command. Everything he touches turns to gold – and he is solid and supportive. He is an inspiration for success.

Maybe this represents a person in your life – someone who is powerful and successful. Let them be your inspiration – find out how they do what they do, channel a bit of that into your own actions. This could mean being pragmatic and practical, be confident in your abilities – they are great! And building secure, friendly alliances, and also being a good friend or colleague yourself. Be generous, and true to your word, be strong and supportive for others.

4. What will be attained – The Star

This is great. The Star represents a time of healing and hope and inner calm. Again it encourages you to be true to yourself, because the result will be a feeling of completion in yourself – the merging of who you really are with what you actually do, how you live.

This to me sums up the whole story. It’s also a card for patience. Ths sense of fulfilment will come slowly, but surely. It asks ‘Do you want to go the distance for it?’ But because this card sits in the future position, I shows a completion of the journey you embarked on with the Two of Wands. Like the Two, this is a message to look ahead now and do some planning. Be generous and strong like the King of Pentacles. Then you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours, but when you get there, don’t do yourself the injustice of taking those good feelings for granted – you have worked hard to get here – it’s like finally you’re able to see who you are. You’ve been through a lot, but old wounds are healing, old hurts are fading, and as long as you keep being true to yourself, you’ll be fine. You’ll just become more you.

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