8 ways white witches can support #BlackLivesMatter

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Little Red Tarot Community,

Did you read Beth’s most recent newsletter? In it she writes,

“I thought I would sit down today to email you about Little Red Tarot, about new blog posts and offerings, bits and pieces from my little world. But murder and racial injustice is what’s actually happening and there’s no room for such talk right now.

As tarot readers and others involved in healing or wellbeing work – especially those of us who are white – we have a duty to educate ourselves. If our work is about healing or empowerment, we must understand the immense trauma experienced by millions of people in our world, in our communities. We cannot bury our heads, say nothing, do nothing, and carry on our work as though we, and the people we serve, exist outside of this world, these communities.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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I had a post planned for this week, but instead I’m going to share with you some of the practical and tangible ways white witches can support the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

I’m a white witch.

A settler who lives on unceded, un-acknlowedged Sinixt First Nation’s territory. These things give me privileges, privileges that keep me safe. Privileges that keep me alive. This piece will most likely be helpful to other white, settler folks and that’s who it’s geared to.

Here’s some things members of our community have been doing, that are practical tangible actions of solidarity.


1.) Donate money.

This one is basic and fundamental. If you have access to financial privilege/security; if you can sacrifice your morning coffee in favour of the well being of others; if you have anything to spare, the smallest bit counts. Look up your local #BlackLivesMatter chapter. Give money to a crowdfunding campaign for survivors or activists.

Pay attention.
Give often.

2.) Fundraise money.

Use your magical gifts. Use your power of manifestation for the cause. Channel you life energy, pain, joy, fear, heart-break, grief, and awe – into the magic you do best. Share it with others. Ask for cash. Give a significant portion or all of it to the cause. Start with the ideas listed above.

andi3pink yarrow has been popping up all over the place this year. it’s a boundary medicine with a particular affinity for hearts & healing grief.

3.) Send herbs.

Do you make medicine? Wildcraft? Garden? Send your abundance to call out for herbs. Like this one. Encourage others to do the same.

4.) Talk to your people.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to see all the people saying #alllivesmatter, you will likely want to delete them.


You don’t need to say something every time they say something. But you should speak up. And often. Share resources. Just state some kind of disagreement. If no one disagrees, it looks like white people don’t care. If you do care: considering calling someone in. Or out – whatever makes the most sense. You can also host workshops, round-tables, human libraries or any other community building event to get conversation happening and education flowing. And when you’re done with the event, give the money you raised to things like independent critical black media.

andi4art by Micah Bazant.

5.) Learn what a spritual by-pass is and stop doing it.

Read this. Listen deeply to what is written here. If you feel defensive, breathe.

Take it in. Choose one of the many many useful steps.

6.) Come out of the closet as an ally.

Perhaps you have come out of the closet as LGBTQIA+? And perhaps you have also/or come out as a witch? Are you out of the closet as an ally to #BlackLivesMatter? Maybe you don’t say #alllivesmatter, but you haven’t said Black ones do.

Try it. Mean it. Do the action it requires to be proven true.


7.) Kitchen witches: Make food for your black friends, if they want it.

Ask them. Listen. Be there.

Believe them. Do things they could use help with like laundry, gardening, watching their kids or paying a portion of a bill, if they ever need it. No questions asked.

8.) Make #BLM a priority in your business.

Talk about the movement. Center it. Come out. Reschedule other posts to talk about it.

Act like something meaningful is going on. Because it is.

We need to talk to our people, white folks. Often and with as much patience as we can muster.


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    • andi says:

      yeah it can feel overwhelming to see things from a distance and not know how to help. this list isn’t exhaustive but its a start for sure.

    • andi says:

      thank you beth! your email about this was so great. i’m really excited to see how our community continues to mobilize around this issue.

  1. This is brilliant!
    I think another one is to not support authors or public professional witches who DON’T support BLM, or are totally tone deaf and deny white privilege. I work at a witch shop and I recently removed books by an author who denied their white privilege from my order.

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