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  1. Eli says:

    Beth, thank you for taking the time to tally and transcribe these responses. I particularly enjoyed it because it offered me new perspectives on some cards that I’ve found particularly challenging (the Star, Magician and Empress!). People’s connections with the Star are so lovely, just revelatory for me, opening up much larger ways of understanding this card. This is why I love your blog so much: constantly offering new layers of meaning, new inflections…and also making it so that when I look at my cards, I not only hear my inner voice, I begin to hear a community, begin to feel connected to such a rich collective experience

  2. Oh Beth, that looks like so much work! 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful compilation.

    I have NO IDEA which card I picked in the questionnaire! (It’s kinda strange). But now as I’m sifting through “our” top 10, I’m thinking: all of them! 😀


  3. Jessie says:

    You quoted me! ^_^ If anyone’s wondering what the High Priestess looks like in my deck (I’m the one who mentioned how it reminded me of the relationship between me and my drag mom), I use the Tarot of the Spirit World deck, and wouldn’t you believe it, she’s the card on the front of the deck: Buy Xanax With American Express

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